Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Patch 1.2 samt DLC zum Download

Der Patch 1.2 für das Adventure Amnesia: The Dark Descent umfasst unter anderem den DLC »Justine« sowie fünf neue Kurzgeschichten.

von Andre Linken,
17.05.2011 15:45 Uhr

Der Entwickler Frictional Games hat den Patch 1.2 für das Adventure Amnesia: The Dark Descent veröffentlicht. Das besagte Update enthält neben diversen Bugfixes unter anderem den zuvor exklusiv via Steam erhältlichen DLC (Downloadable Content) »Justine« sowie fünf neue Kurzgeschichten. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes für Amnesia: The Dark Descent v1.2

  • Added the expansion "Justine". Launch it from the Launcher, using the Justine button.
  • Added complete Russian translation.
  • Fixed typo in english.lang.
  • Mouse movement should scale better if you have really wide setups (as in multiple monitors).
  • Show icons when no cross active.
  • Fixed typo on variable name.(Inventory)
  • Level00: Add details to part of map where people explore.
  • Level02: Fixed static that clipped through wall.
  • Level03: Moved PlayerStart after teleporting to vision, hopefully fixing problem some with low end computers have.
  • Level03: Fixed hole into library, should fix player "bouncing" out from hole and not into.
  • Level06: Implemented a simple fix for incorrect chemical jar.
  • Level07: Move boxed and debris a bit to minimize chance of lurky hitting player while on the box.
  • Level07: Added extra collider boxes to keep player from falling out of level (very unlikely).
  • Level17: Added colliders below stairs so that pipe entities can't get stuck.
  • Level18: Fixed the three steam pipes getting stuck in steam burst mode.
  • Level22: Fixed z-conflict between two static meshes.
  • Level27: Moved the slime that could potentially block the door by mistake.

Größe: 162,2 MByte
Sprache: Deutsch


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