Men of War: Assault Squad - Patch 1.81.2 zum Download

Das Update auf Version 1.81.2 für Men of War: Assault Squad schraubt an der Balance des Spiels und fügt einige neue Inhalte hinzu.

von Hanno Neuhaus,
14.03.2011 11:29 Uhr

Best Way und Morphicon haben einen ersten großen Patch für Men of War: Assault Squad veröffentlicht. Dieser beseitigt eine große Anzahl Bugs und nimmt viele Änderungen an der Spielbalance des Stand-Alone-AddOns vor. Zusätzlich enthält das Update auch noch einige neue Inhalte, darunter drei neue Maps für den Multiplayer und einige neue Waffen, sowie verbesserte 3D-Modelle für einige Einheiten.

Patch-Notes für Men of War: Assault Squad v1.81.2:


  • Added new Panther 3d model
  • Added new Achilles 3d model
  • Added new M36 Jackson 3d model
  • Added new M4A3 Calliope 3d model
  • Added new Type 99 rifle 3d model
  • Added new Type 99 sniper rifle 3d model
  • Added new Type 99 light machine gun 3d model
  • Added Type 2 rifle
  • Added MP 3008 SMG
  • Added MP 28 30 rounds mag SMG
  • Added MP 28 50 rounds mag SMG
  • Added Type 2 SMG
  • Added the ability to plant cover to Japanese elite infantry
  • Changed shaders to be further optimized
  • Changed highlighting of selected units (credits to "L etranger")
  • Changed Home Guard weapon layout
  • Changed Japanese Stormtroopers weapon layout
  • Changed Kamikaze to have better stealth
  • Changed at-grenade of Russian assault SMG to RPG40
  • Changed auto-cannons to be separated from light AA guns
  • Changed medium AA guns to be separated from light AA guns
  • Changed Homeland Fury special unit to have 3 types of infantry
  • Changed U.S. Marines to carry M1 Garands instead of M1903
  • Increased smoke grenade duration from 60 sec to 90 sec
  • Increased smoke shell duration from 60 sec to 120 sec
  • Increased rate of fire of Grease Gun
  • Increased accuracy of Grease Gun
  • Increased volume of G43 and G43 scope
  • Increased range of binoculares from 150m to 180m
  • Increased range of flamethrower from 20m to 25m
  • Increased damage modifier of M12 Shotgun
  • Increased uncover range of hidden units slightly
  • Increased range of AA guns
  • Increased accuracy of Bazooka Jeep
  • Increased accuracy of 200mm rocket launcher
  • Increased accuracy of 300mm rocket launcher
  • Increased recharge time of M4A3 (105) from 18 sec to 20 sec
  • Increased damage power of 300mm rocket slightly
  • Reduced damage modifier of Thompson M1928 slightly
  • Reduced reloading time of M12 Shotgun from 5.0 sec to 4.0 sec
  • Reduced small arms damage modifier slightly
  • Reduced accuracy of M19 slightly
  • Reduced penetration power of Hetzer tank gun
  • Reduced reload time of Hetzer from 6.5 sec to 6.0 sec
  • Reduced information sharing range for vehicle AI from 80m to 50m
  • Reduced information sharing range for infantry AI from 80m to 35m
  • Reduced reaction time of AI from 0.5 sec to 0.25 sec
  • Reduced speed of IzuzuTX40 Mortar from 34kmh to 30kmh
  • Reduced speed of IzuzuTX40 AA from 34kmh to 30kmh
  • Removed repair kits from ammo trucks
  • Fixed missing shell ejection of cannons
  • Fixed missing sound of SdKfz 222
  • Fixed ammo start count of SdKfz 222
  • Fixed missing interface damage display of Black Prince
  • Fixed rear mgun limits of IS-2
  • Fixed faulty use of the MP41 by the German sapper team
  • Fixed 100mm AP shell to use AP mechanics
  • Fixed 100mm APCR shell to use APCR mechanics
  • Fixed 100mm HE shell to use correct 3d model
  • Fixed 100mm shell sizes
  • Fixed missing fuel barrels in Commonwealth ammo truck
  • Fixed missing texture of model trash
  • Fixed Japanese Home Guard icon
  • Fixed Japanese Fieldcap LOD
  • Fixed ammo start count of Iszuzu Mortar truck
  • Fixed M10Wolverine armour
  • Fixed missing APCR for Ke-Nu
  • Fixed limits of 150mm Type 96
  • Fixed a shader issue causing freezes on some GPUs when ultra shadows enabled
  • Fixed Wespe hit animation
  • Fixed Comet hit animation
  • Fixed M10Wolverine hit animation
  • Fixed Pak 38 damage animation
  • Fixed armor settings of M12 GMC
  • Fixed some vehicle textures
  • Fixed inventory ammo order of Ho-Ni I


  • Added 1v1 Road multi map
  • Added 1v1 Snow Church multi map
  • Added 2v2 Canyon multi map
  • Changed attacker to see both lines of defences in frontlines when attack starts
  • Changed planes to be not usable in 3v3 Frag Town multi map
  • Increased ANZACs to 10 men
  • Increased Marines to 10 men
  • Increased Brandenburger to 8 men
  • Increased Guards Rifle to 8 men
  • Increased command points of SU-122 from 5 CP to 15 CP
  • Increased command points of ISU-152 fom 5 CP to 30 CP
  • Increased price of Japanese Stormtroopers from 350 MP to 355 MP
  • Reduced price of P4G from 420 MP to 400 MP
  • Reduced price of P4H from 650 MP to 600 MP
  • Reduced price of Crusader from 360 MP to 350 MP
  • Reduced price of Cromwell from 400 MP to 375 MP
  • Reduced price of M4A3 Sherman from 500 MP to 450 MP
  • Reduced price of M20 from 200 MP to 180 MP
  • Reduced price of Chi-Nu from 420 MP to 400 MP
  • Reduced price of T34-75 early from 360 MP to 350 MP
  • Reduced price of T34-75 late from 420 MP to 400 MP
  • Reduced price of Flak18 from 750 MP to 700 MP
  • Reduced price of Hetzer from 550 MP to 500 MP
  • Reduced price of IS-2 from 1600 MP to 1500 MP
  • Reduced price of IS-3 from 2200 MP to 2000 MP
  • Reduced price of SU-100 from 1300 MP to 1200 MP
  • Reduced price of Ho-Ni I from 400 MP to 350 MP
  • Fixed a small graphic issue with the flag slave icon in frontlines
  • Fixed Winter Hills bridge to no longer break fully causing height-map issues
  • Fixed small map issues
  • Fixed crew member count on Ke-Nu
  • Fixed missing edifices on 2v2 Heights multi map
  • Fixed combat mode of 4v4 Lakeland multi map


  • Changed Maxim into Degtyarev mgun in Soviet missions
  • Changed unlocking of achievements so a higher difficulty will unlock a lower one
  • Changed infantry call-ins to clutter less and stay together when moving to ordered position
  • Changed map boarders to be more streamlined
  • Disabled night effects on [Soviet Union] Smolensk to improve performance
  • Reduced price of Flamer from 125 MP to 80 MP
  • Fixed some map elements on [Soviet Union] Smolensk
  • Fixed ammo type of PzKpfw 2 Luchs
  • Fixed T-34 in skirmish to have full fuel
  • Fixed AI not to shoot at unknown enemies (explosions etc.)
  • Fixed small map issues
  • Fixed some bad AI pathing on [Japan] Khalkhin Gol
  • Fixed wrong USA skirmish hint on mission start (English localization)
  • Fixed some localization issue in Japanese missions (English localization)

Größe: 204,2 MByte
Sprache: Englisch


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