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Asus laptop battery maintenance

Von loveannie |

Datum: 30.01.2013 | zuletzt geändert: 31.01.2013, 13:57 Uhr

<p>Battery usage time or standby time:<br>
4-cell battery standby time is about 2 hours use time is about 1 hour<br>
6-cell battery standby time is about three hours time is probably about 2 hours<br>
8-cell battery standby time is about 3.5 to 4 hours use time about 3 hours<br>
9-cell battery standby time is about 4.5 hours can probably use about 3.5 hours<br>
12 cell battery standby time is about 5-6 hours about the use of time for 4 to 4.5 hours<br>
General to buy a new laptop battery random with 4 core, requires large capacity core number of batteries needed to say Minga money to buy!</p>

<p>Battery capacity correction method (select the one that suits you can):</p>

<p>Method: Features correction tools</p>

<p>1.Many books have built-in battery correction tools to Lenovo C461M notebook as an example, if you use the time for more than two years, the battery life is only less than 40%, this time with the Lenovo accuracy correction tools, battery life recovery to 80% or more. Old notebook for Lenovo, it is recommended to upgrade the new version of the Power Management software, then the battery charge to not charge so far.</p>

<p>2.Click the "Settings" button to switch to the "battery maintenance" settings page, then click the "Start" button, then pop up a prompt window, please close all applications process, and make sure that is already connected to the ACpower adapter, click the "Continue" button, the the prompt battery accuracy amendment is processed.</p>

<p>3. be patient, battery status will show "the power is on, not charging". When the pop-up "battery precision correction completed, click the" confirm "button, battery status displays" the power is turned on, is being charged, indicating that the battery correction success. Fully charged, it will be found that the life time of the recovery.</p>

<p>Method Two: correction notebook battery
For the convenience of the user correction of batteries, some of the books will be in the BIOS integrated battery correction tools in order to the Asus A6JA pen this example,</p>

<p>1, the first to charge the battery, make sure you can boot normally, boot, press F2 to enter the BIOS setup interface (Figure 4). Switch to the "Power" menu, the the "LCD PowerSaving" option is set off, turn off the monitor power-saving mode.</p>

<p>2, the cursor position to the "Start Battery Calibration" option (see Figure 5), will enter the carriage return after the battery is proofreading prompted interface, this time to ensure that the plug in the AC adapter.</p>

<p>3, wait for some time for the books to charge the battery (Figure 6), when the screen appears "Please remove AC adapter", indicating that the battery is already full. Then unplug the AC adapter, so that books continued to boot until the battery is depleted, the battery is discharged automatically shutdown, then plug in the AC adapter to charge on it.</p>
<p>Tag:<a href="http://www.battery-pack-store.com/asus-a42-ul30.htm">Asus A42-UL30 Battery</a>,<a href="http://www.battery-pack-store.com/asus-a42-ul50.htm">Asus A42-UL50 Battery</a>,<a href="http://www.battery-pack-store.com/asus-a42-ul80.htm">Asus A42-UL80 Battery</a>,<a href="http://www.battery-pack-store.com/asus-ul30.htm">Asus UL30 Battery</a>,<a href="http://www.battery-pack-store.com/asus-ul50.htm">Asus UL50 Battery</a>,<a href="http://www.battery-pack-store.com/asus-ul80.htm">Asus UL80 Battery</a>,<a href="http://www.battery-pack-store.com/asus.htm">asus laptop battery</a></p>

<p>Method: third-party software correction battery</p>
<p>If the books do not have a built-in battery correction tools, how to do? The time might With Batcal software to calibrate the battery. BenQ S42 notebook In the author's, for example, use two years later, the battery life is only about 50%, connect the AC adapter, the battery charge to not charge so far.</p>
1. the run Batcal tools, click "Set Slow Discharge" button (Figure 7), choose a slow discharge mode.</p>

<p>2.Click "Begin Calibration" button, then "Power Options" window pops up, select the "Portable / Laptop" mode recommended and will use all the projects under the program are set to "never".</p>

<p>3, the screen saver is also closed, and click the "OK" button, then you are prompted to discharge, after discharge, a prompt window will pop up, prompting you to unplug the AC adapter when the battery is completely exhausted.The system will automatically shut down, and then plug in the AC adapter to the normal recharge. If you want quick discharge, you should select the "Fast Discharge" mode, screen brightness to maximum, and can not operate the notebook in the discharge process.</p>

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Avatar TheVG
#1 | 30. Jan 2013, 09:18
Ui, schön, Däumchen gehen wieder! Kann ich hier gleich mal roten vergeben :D
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Avatar Maggus3
#2 | 30. Jan 2013, 09:21
Zitat von TheVG:
Ui, schön, Däumchen gehen wieder! Kann ich hier gleich mal roten vergeben :D

Habe mich auch gefreut und gleich mal ein paar Grüne bei den Guten verteilt und hier gemeldet samt Rot...
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Avatar Firewind
#3 | 30. Jan 2013, 11:07
Immer nur Akkuwerbung. Fällt euch denn nichts neues ein? :ugly:
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