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Project Cars - Spieletagebuch 12

Von nummer47 |

Datum: 23.05.2012 | zuletzt geändert: 25.05.2012, 08:51 Uhr

Auweia. Nehmt euch ein wenig Zeit vorher, macht euch einen Kaffee (oder ein anderes beliebiges Heißgetränk) und begleitet mich auf einer Kaffeefahrt durch die Hölle. Anders kann man das letzte "Rennen" nicht beschreiben. Neben dieser unterirdischen Leistung gibt es noch einen kleinen Blick auf 2 neue Rennstrecken ... immerhin etwas ;)

Auch weiterhin findet ihr alle wichtigen Infos zu Project CARS auf

Fährt in echt nicht so schlecht

P.S.: PS steht hier nicht für Pferdestärken, sondern hier werden nur unterschwellig die Release-Notes angeteast.

Build 216
New Milan HUD maps
Added new co-ord's for Milan maps
MainMenu improvements (Title area now on the left rather than the right, Profile info condensed into a smaller area now on the right, more removal of green/red buttons, Back button now placed next to the header for better balance and ease-of-use, Events screen now navigable via gamepad, Location Select screen updated, a few more icons in places)
Besos overlays textures updated
Added new Monteray map
New Besos exports
New Harrison Pike Raceway export

Build 215
Added and implemented CSProtocol class, which handles generic message-based communication on top of a stream socket
Automatically unlock all tracks for Managers and Senior Managers, even if they are not available in server lists yet
Added new maps and replaced placeholder images
Animated flags - initial data for vertical flags
Animated flags - ART - export setup update
Animated flags - beach and rectangle flags added + thumbnails and ART data
BuildScript : Updated RTPatch history generation using base filename pattern

Build 214
Added support for force feedback tweakers config files
Updated loading of vehicle-specific force feedback tweakers config file
Sakitto:New textures for start gantry asset
Added Milan HUD maps
Added default force feedback tweakers config file
Placeholder icon for track maps
Harrison Pike Raceway - fix tailing
Harrison Pike Raceway - add nmp texture for windows
Replaced old placeholder for track map images
New setup layout in preparation for additional setup items
Final Besos Track maps finished
New Henrico export
New Heusden export
New Sakitto exports

Build 213
Fix for crash that could occur if AllocStreamBuffer was used
FXAA Enabled on PS3
Replaced placeholder map with finished version
Re-arranged the Trigger icons on HUD map
Harrison Pike Raceway - update textures
Added placeholder Milan HUD map
Loire track textures-Extended a bit the map and removed tents and vehicles
Badenring - Added some trees and bushes around the porsche curves area
Stockcar 90: LODA WIP
Brake squeal levels increased for audibility. React differently to temperature and wheel speed
Memphis textures intial versions
Added Memphis track
set max AI participants to 31 at Memphis oval
New AIW for Mephis oval. Supports 32 with pitlane
BAC Mono - Added AO to all LODs
BAC MONO - New liveries in
Corrected Memphis TRD - forced rolling starts, AI max set at 42
Sakitto:New Textures for Sakitto Time Tower Asset
Memphis raceline initial version
Henrico base textures initial check in
Henrico initial version of the trd file
Henrico initial version of the AIW file
Added Henrico track
3D crowd male variations:Added ingame 1st male variation: head + body.
Harrison/Memphis/Henrico - Update track TRD data for correct Long/Lat/Timezone/Race Dates/Rotation Offsets
Force rolling start at Henrico and set opponent limit to 42
Added new logos for UI
New BAC Mono export
New Loire export

Build 212
Fixed build issues of the OneSock library on PC, PS3 and 360 platforms
Fixed UDP support build issue on 360 platform
Sakitto:New textures for Ferris Wheel asset
Ariel atom : fixed left hand on steeringwheel leaving too early from steering wheel while turning right
Kart02: placeholder livery replaced with new texture
Kart02: livery entries of #17,18,19 and 20 updated
F68 fixed steeringwheel lock
Stripping of legacy reverb and thining out crowds and tannoy placement
BAC MONO - Interior texture. Initial check in
Added new Northampton Hud map
Kar1,kart2: removed clutch settings from cdv as this is only 2 pedals operated vehicle.Repositioned feet on pedals
Added new Florence maps

Build 211
Do not shift into neutral when stalling and using manual gears
Disable crash recovery for all cars
Fix in final builds not saving out texturing information for skys
Harrison Pike Raceway - Add new textures for video wall
R500 and BAC Mono: revert tire force reduction in favor of a true FFB fix
Palmer JPLM: suspension animation runtime files. All LODs fully skinned
BAC MONO: Added new liveries
Besos foliage snapped to ground
Besos texture updates
Kart01: fixed 'gear_to' hand position, and offsets in cdv,cdp
Added applinks for the new Helmet and Speed Sensitive FOV options being added
Pagani Zonda R - Removing un-used placeholder interior texture
Harrison Pike - added white line textures for the build
New AIW for the new track and objects - Harrison Pike. Fixes most AI issues
Dropped final drive for better Harrison Pike gearing. Updated AI tyres for more straight line stabilty. Stockcar oval
New Palmer JPLM export
New Besos exports
New Loire export
New Harrison Pike export

Build 210
Crash damage effect torque is now correctly scaled when applied to player vehicle while in contact with the world
Updated applying of forces to player vehicle, resulting from ground material change, while vehicle is in contact with the world
Updated comments about applying forces and torques to player vehicle
FFB: Default steering gain set to 1.0 for all wheels
Rearranged the T1/2 icons.
Harrison Pike Raceway - Add new textures for speaker poles and marshal shelters
New Pit Stands - export files .dds, .mtx, .vhf, .meb, .xml
First revision of Harrision pike inner trees
Updated HUD maps for Glencairn
Adding Besos HUD maps
Updated the Besos maps
Added Besos and Glencairn co-ords
Ariel Atom : removed duplicate files

Build 209
Integrated particle system fixes
Change default Fanatec CSRE gain to 1.0
FFB: Reduce base drag a little
FFB: Reinstate all additional forces apart from kerbs, damper and spring
Caterham R500 and BAC Mono: Fix for steering pulling right under braking. Also set pushrods to match model so caster changes have the correct effect on weight jacking.
Harrison_Pike_Raceway - add new textures for Start finish podium
Pagani Zonda R: moved roof camera
Pagani Zonda R: fixed LODB rim UVs, fixed RR caliper pivot
Harrison_Pike_Raceway - Add new textures for Digital timer Board
Pagani Zonda R: minimum steering ratio lowered to 5.0:1
Leonus 86: added more space between feet, so they won't collide anymore
BAC Mono: Checked all LODs and fixed some minor bugs (see forum for details)
New tribunes related textures for Harrison Pike
Revert speed sensitive FOV experiment pending menu options
Fixed positioning of track HUD map
Adding Glencairn set of HUD maps
New BAC Mono export
New Zonda R export
New Harrison Pike Raceway export

Build 208
Zonda steering wheel issue fixed
Few small bug fixes
New Pagani Zonda R export

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