It's not every day you get to meet a real guru of 3D graphics, and our little research on your background has come up with some pretty impressive work on several pioneering projects such as Microsoft's own Direct 3D. Tell us a bit about the milestones in your career and the companies that you have cooperated with.

I'm very flattered that you call me a guru! But I guess now that I've been in the business of 3D for so long I probably do count as a guru of sorts. That certainly explains my grey hair and strange attire.

Richard Huddy im Interview : Richard Huddy, European Developer Relation Manager bei ATI. Richard Huddy, European Developer Relation Manager bei ATI. I started in software 3D working in a research project run by Canon in the UK. Canon is best known for their photo-copiers and cameras, not for their 3D, so it was a surprise to me to be offered such an opportunity. Canon set up a pure research project at that time to investigate the commercial viability of software rendering on the PC and related platforms. After a couple of years there the software became RenderWare 1.0 and the company spun off to become Criterion - and these days Criterion is very well known as the major middleware provider to the games industry.

After Canon I moved to RenderMorphics who were also involved in software rendering. RenderMorphics soon went on to be sold to Microsoft and they provided the core technologies that went into the 3D part of what is now DirectX. And DirectX is the single most popular way of creating 3D games for the PC.

Then I spent two years at 3DLabs (now a part of Creative Labs) working on their ‘Permedia' graphics chips for the PC. Then I spent four years at NVIDIA setting up and running their European Developer Relations Group here in the UK.

And finally, my clear favourite, I've been with ATI for three years. This year ATI will celebrate its 20th year in the graphics business. And in the short three years that I have been with them, ATI have moved from being the outsider in a two horse race, to being the leader in both market share and technology in 3D graphics.

Here in the UK I run the European Developer Relations Group for ATI which means that my group is responsible for supporting all European developers who use 3D on the PC.