Steam : Valve Software: Steam Valve Software: Steam Entwickler Valve Software hat ein neues Update für die eigene Spieleplattform Steam veröffentlicht. Der Patch wird automatisch beim Starten des Steam-Clients ausgeführt und umfasst folgende Änderungen:

Improved error messages when Steam system is busy Improved error messages when login fails Improved ability to monitor system performance Improved startup times Improved cache loading behavior for single-player games Added features for CyberCafes Improved use of large cache files Keep local account information more up-to-date Improved response to ContentServer connection loss Improved server communication Improved command-line handling Added opt-out options for marketing messages via the Settings dialog Changed monitor to show games instead of caches Smoothed out monitor bandwidth usage display Added "browse games" button -- opens storefront

Für den Half-Life Dedicated Server (HLDS) gibt es zwei Veränderungen:

Improved handling of encrypted files Added "-command list" option to list the valid "-game" flags you can specify