Battlefield 4 : Ein neuer PC-Patch für Battlefield 4 steht bereit. Ein neuer PC-Patch für Battlefield 4 steht bereit. Der Entwickler DICE hält auch weiterhin an dem Versprechen fest, die zahlreichen Fehler im Shooter Battlefield 4 schrittweise zu beseitigen. So steht ab sofort ein neuer Patch für die PC-Version des Actionspiels zum Download bereit.

Das besagte Update beseitigt unter anderem einen Fehler, der zu einem nervigen Sound-Loop führen konnte. Des Weiteren beheben die Entwickler das teilweise auftretende Grafikflackern im Gelände, einen Fehler in Verbindung mit der Kill-Cam sowie diverse Crash-Bugs. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie wie gewohnt unterhalb dieser Meldung:

Patch-Notes für Battlefield 4 (PC)

  • Fix for a crash that would cause the game to stall, resulting in a sound loop. This should eliminate most of the problems relating to this

  • Fix for the SUAV (introduced in the China Rising expansion pack) not exploding when hitting enemy soldiers. While these indeed should be deadly, they were never designed for “roadkilling” opponents

  • Fix for an issue where 4x the damage from a vehicle’s minigun would be applied to the chest when a player had the Defense specialization equipped

  • Fix for player tags not always showing when needed to, resulting in players shooting team members

  • Fix for graphical flickering appearing on terrain

  • Fixed the instance where players suddenly would transition into Spectator Mode while playing the Defuse game mode

  • Fix for a Defuse bug where none of the teams would win a round by letting the timer run out.

  • Fix for players getting stuck in the revive screen after being killed

  • Fix for players getting stuck in the kill camera after being revived

  • Fix for the game mode specific ribbons being counted twice in the multiplayer progression

  • Made NVidia 331.82 or later driver versions mandatory for all players

  • Disabled DirectX 11.1 on NVidia cards that have outdated drivers

  • Fixed driver version not being properly detected on NVidia Optimus systems

  • Fixed a minor crash that could occur when bringing up the scoreboard

  • Fixed one of the issues related to the so-called “Netcode” (see below for details)

Battlefield 4
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