Download Art:Patch Version:v1.06.2 Größe:6,6 MByte Sprache:Deutsch Downloads:4573 Download » Jetzt Downloaden Das Team von Akella hat den Patch 1.06.2 für das Rundenstrategiespiel Disciples 3: Renaissanceveröffentlicht. Das Update behebt diverse Fehler wie zum Beispiel im Helden-Menü sowie bei der Funktionalität einiger Aktionstasten. Eine komplette Übersicht der Änderungen finden Sie wie gewohnt unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes für Disciples 3: Renaissance v1.06.2

  • Fixed: "Original Disc not Found" error on startup with US retail discs

  • Fixed issue with arena interface skill icons unintentionally disappearing

  • "Extra Attack" skill no longer grants a second attack or action while covering

  • The game is now saved into the user's folder My Documents/My Games/Disciples III, allowing for users without Administrator rights to more easily save their games. Current saves will automatically be moved to the new folder

  • Dexterity boosting potions now work correctly

  • Pressing the "Quick Combat" button again allows players to halt a current Quick Combat battle

  • Unit information during auto-combat will no longer be displayed

  • Removed the ability to use skills, defenses or engage in combat while currently moving on the battle arena

  • Issue fixed: melee units that approach targets but did not attack

  • Issue fixed: on the hero management screen, the hero properties button was blocked, but not grayed out

  • Issue fixed: in the "Hire" interface, the unit skills were not displayed in the unit information window

  • Button "Disband Unit" now works similarly to the "Heal" button – first the unit is selected, and then the Disband button can be pressed