Demanding Fights

Far Cry 2 : You managed to survive, but how you did that and why you're trying to contact the people that almost killed you lacks explanation. According to a small text on the loading screen you're hoping for some information about the Jackal, so you're offering your services to both war parties, the UFLL (United Front for Liberation and Labour) and the APR (Alliance for Popular Resistance). Even though they don't know you, you are assigned dangerous missions: destroying a plantation, stealing some gold or killing a politician in his villa.

You can reach the target areas by car or powerboat. Plantation, gold and politician are all well protected. Lots of armed men patrol the area and often detect the slightest of movements. Therefore, chaotic gunfights are hard to avoid, but that's good because they are fun. The enemies outnumber you by far and will try to outflank you or shoot you from within the protection of shrubbery. Later in the game, they will even throw grenades to force you out of a car or building, They will take cover behind walls or even run away. If you manage to start a fire in an enemy base, using a Molotov cocktail or a flamethrower, you'll create turmoil. Your opponents will run in all directions and if you take them down one by one they are not that dangerous anymore.

Far Cry 2 : Far Cry 2 scores right in the core area of first-person-shooters: action. The huge areas and the large arsenal of weapons enable lots of different ways to play the missions. Those who prefer targeting opponents from a distance will chose the sniper rifle. Usually there's at least one spot which is perfect for "camping". If you prefer brute might, get an AK-47 or similar and use some grenades, which are especially powerful if you manage to blow up gasoline tanks with them.

But you shouldn't be to close to the explosions, they can be gigantic and the fire will spread quickly downwind. You may also drive a jeep right into the middle of the enemies. While the car is still running, you can smoothly move up to the mounted machine gun and shoot everything that moves. We also managed to silently kill guards with a machete, staying unnoticed until reaching the target person.