Orders from comrades

Far Cry 2 : Biting the dust doesn't necessarily mean that you are dead. If you've been to one of your hideouts talking to your second comrade, he's available to rescue you. In an always well staged scene he's picking you up, defending you against enemies and giving you a weapon. Hideouts? And where did those comrades come from? There are little huts to be found everywhere. They belong to the local militia, but once you take care of the two or three guards, the huts are yours. You can get new ammunition there or take a nap, should you prefer to start a mission at night. You won't be detected as easily in the dark.

The comrades more or less are the other playable characters you did not choose at the beginning and they just appear out of the blue. Right at the beginning the game assigns one of them to you. After you've saved him, he keeps calling you on your mobile phone to offer new missions. You may meet him in one of the hideouts to talk about an alternative way to do the mission, which will be added to the main mission should you accept.

Far Cry 2 : For example, the UFLL is after the gold of the former king, so they want you to get to the camp and make sure the gold bars are ready for pickup. Your mobile phone rings and your comrade asks for a meeting. Then he tells you that the king's son would like to inherit his father's wealth, so this side mission would be to commit regicide. Once you've killed the king and brought his signet ring to his son, you can start the main mission to secure the gold. But the extra work is pointless and collecting comrade friendship points only makes it more annoying once he dies, which he will.