Download Art:Patch Version:v1.132 Größe:93,1 MByte Sprache:mehrsprachig Downloads:1615 Download » Jetzt Downloaden Der Entwickler TaleWorlds Entertainment hat den Patch 1.132 für das Action-Rollenspiel-Addon Mount & Blade: Warband veröffentlicht. Das Update behebt unter anderem ein Problem, das in Verbindung mit dem Treiber für ATI-Grafikkarten auftreten konnte. Zudem wurden einige Quests ausgebessert. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie im Anschluss dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes Mount & Blade: Warband v1.132

  • Some multi-player map fixes.

  • Some armor stats have been rebalanced.

  • Aborting quest bugs have been fixed.

  • Ordering your lords to stop script error bug has been fixed.

  • Pretender quest has been fixed under the condition of already having a village/center before starting the quest.

  • Caravan escort quest script error has been fixed.

  • Deal with looters quest script error has been fixed.

  • ATI driver fix.

  • Achievements "last man standing" and "morale leader" have been fixed.

  • Non-ending battle/siege bugs have been fixed.

  • Desertion of prisoners when party morale is low bug has been fixed.

  • Hold fire/use blunt weapons orders have been corrected, player agent no longer changes his/her weapon because of the order.

  • Formations not looking at the enemy bug has been fixed.

  • Automatic offline favorite server removal is added.

  • TCP protocol optimizations are made for dedicated servers.

  • Various other bug fixes.