Das Team von Cyanide Studios hat den Patch für die Management-Simulation Tour de France 2010 veröffentlicht. Das Update erhöht unter anderem die maximale Teilnehmerzahl im Multiplayer-Modus (von 8 auf 20), behebt diverse Fehler und führt fünf neue Ladder-Rennen ein. Im Anhang finden Sie die komplette Liste der Änderungen.

Patch-Notes für Tour de France 2010 v1.0.3.0

  • Improved memory usage with the public. The consumption is now decreased on the two higher detail levels (3 & 4)

  • Fixed several minor issues with memory

  • Increased maximum number of player in multi (20 from 8)

  • Reactivated ladder sprints

  • Fixed a multiplayer issue in track mode. Riders used to be stuck during chat between players.

  • Fixed the « gameover » bug in season mode when a crash occured during a race

  • Fixed an in race bug that could limit one rider's effort during a small period of time (slowdown effect)

  • Added game saved from the menu when the game is launched with the Gamecenter

  • Fixed a bug with the renewal priorities for the next season. Riders still under contract do not ask for a renewal for the next season

  • Fixed a display bug on the Objectives page, some races (Oman, Qatar) did display winners for the mountain ranking whereas then do not have any.

  • Introduced back the stage variation system in career mode. Data are not included, but the system now allows modification from community packs

  • Added 5 new Ladder races (Dauphiné Libéré : Crolles – L’Alpe d’Huez, Tour d'Espagne : Murcia - Orihuela, GP al Pais Vasco : Eibar – Orio, Hamburg Turm et GP di Lombardia)

  • Fixed the water bug in the editor (when creating a stage from an heightmap)