Tycoon City: New York : Tycoon City: New York - Neuer EU-Patch veröffentlicht Tycoon City: New York - Neuer EU-Patch veröffentlicht Einige Wochen nach dem US-Patch gibt es nun auch ein neues Update für die europäischen Sprachversionen von Tycoon City: New York. Der Patch bringt das 3D-Großstadt-Managementspiel auf Version und ist rund 11 MByte groß. Die Entwickler beheben damit rund ein Duzend Fehler im Spiel und beseitigt Absturzursachen. Zudem funktioniert nun das Sortieren der Spielstände richtig.

Hier die Liste mit allen Änderungen:

The game used to get stuck when you took the "Time Square Project" and you destroyed a "City Deli", this is now fixed. The "Saved Games" list is now properly sorted in the patch version. A minor vehicle bug that caused cars to stop half way through an intersection as been fixed. A problem with the mouse controls when placing a building when the building menu was on top of the where you wanted to build, which has now been fixed. Loading times have been improved and stabilized. The camera going to the wrong location when choosing accommodations on the MyBuisness panel, has been fixed. There was a logical gameplay error when destroying a theatre in Harlem, this has also been fixed. The appearance of the default texture has been fixed in a number of areas of the game. A text error in the Male Stockbrokers information window is now fixed. Audio of Luco used to overlap when in 4x time mode, is now fixed. The wrong information was displayed in some news reports has been fixed. The "Times Square" opportunity not appearing on the opportunity list is now fixed. The information about the Virgin Megastore shop is now correct. There are many optimizations and improvements including a large number of smaller bugs and glitches.

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