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Seite 2: Armed Assault - Patch 1.08


===Main New Features===

* Improved clarity and reliability of Voice over net
* Increased contrast of light for all weather conditions
* Bullet impact is now visualised also on all objects and vehicles
* 2D optics now support wide screen aspect ratio correctly
* Various AI, UI, gameplay and stability improvements and tweaks
* New texture detail "Default" that autodetects the amount of VRAM. Recommended Texture Detail setting for users of cards with more than 512 VRAM.
* Reworked logic of teamswitch to make it more suitable for detailed manual squad command control
* Full support for multiple airports
* A bit faster and more fluent radio protocol

===Engine Change Log===
====Release Candidate 0====
- Fixed: Very long MP mission name could cause crashes or freezes
- Fixed: UI - Double click on listbox scrollbar does not launch the listbox action now
- Fixed: Optics were deformed when using other than 4:3 screen ratio
Fixed: Tanks were having troubles driving up the stones
- Fixed: Functions createGroup, createUnit now fully works in MP
- Fixed: AI now gets in vehicles on the positions where dead units are
- Fixed: Gear dialog is closed when player dies
- New: Weapons - optics camera can have a different direction than muzzle direction now
- Fixed: UI - Gear display - icons for empty slots
- Fixed: Mission loading screen - missing text given in onLoadMission
- Fixed: When failed to join to a locked server, the correct cause is shown now.
- New: Mission editor - year control in intel dialog
- Fixed: UI - Missing addons error message - show the list of missing addons
- Fixed: VoN sources management to prevent some sounds not audible in multiplayer
- Fixed: Tow missile weapons are guided after they are fired.
- Fixed: AI - gunners was sometimes unable to fire simultaneously
- Fixed: Functions getVariable, setVariable can be used for more object types now
- New: Improved support for X360 controller
- Fixed: MP crash sometimes happened after deleteVehicle on some person
- Fixed: Actions menu - drawing of arrows when scrolling is enabled
- Fixed: Tanks were thrown in the air when colliding with some destructed buildings
- Fixed: Gear action did not sometimes work in buildings (high over surface)
- Fixed: MP - multiplication of magazines when putting them into a full crate
- Fixed: UI - listboxes with texts of different color - color of selected text
- Fixed: Game running in full screen had invisible but clickable window areas (close, minimize)
- Fixed: Helicopters - state of hovering autopilot was not saved nor transferred in MP
- Fixed: Touch off action available also in vehicles now
- Fixed: Watch and GPS minimap forced not to be shown in cutscenes.
- Fixed: In-game UI - In wide-screen aspects, the aiming cursor disappeared outside the UI area of the screen
- Fixed: Dedicated server - ban.txt was locked for edit during the game
- Fixed: MP mission statistics can be written to the file given by command line argument -ranking=...
- Fixed: Invisible magazine when player get in vehicle during reloading and get out again.
- Added: function clearVehicleInit
- Fixed: Movement config - entry primaryActionMaps telling what action maps will be loaded first (and so used for initialization of movement)
- Fixed: RCtrl is no longer reserved for combos, it can be used as a separate key as well.
- Fixed: Keys with dik code greater than 128 (numpad, some special keys) can now serve as combos.
- Fixed: AI no longer starts firing in Hold fire unless the enemy is really threatening it.
- Fixed: Helicopter center of rotation is now center of mass, not rotor mast.
- Fixed: Improved AI and autohover hovering stability.
- Fixed: XInput handling of input devices disabled because of missing configuration options
- Fixed: Position of Present call in the frame changed to improve Alt-Tab stability and work around possible driver errors.
- Fixed: Reduced texture memory requirements for little varied parts of the terrain.
- Fixed: M1A1 was never turning out in safe or careless mode.
- Added: function nearTargets
- Fixed: MP - Helicopter could appear as destroyed when in fact it was unharmed.
- Fixed: MP - more reliable transfer of damage status of vehicles to other clients.
- Fixed: Better VRAM allocation estimations for nVidia 8800 card, resulting in less frequent missing textures.
- New: Cheat Shift+Minus FLUSH to allow to manually flushing all VRAM allocations to restore performance if needed.
- Fixed: AI no longer uses RPG/LAW for looking at unknown enemies.
- Fixed: AI target position accuracy sometimes was fluctuating a little bit for distant targets.
- Fixed: AI Commander no longer commands individual targets when using weapons which gunner can operate autonomously, like machine guns.
- Fixed: AI could be stuck on Seek and Destroyed waypoint when group consisted of one vehicle with multiple crew positions.
- Fixed: Some Joystick buttons have fixed function in UI and game.
- Fixed: Improved radio protocol fluency by binding words together.
- New: VoN 2D voice volume is now controlled by radio volume.
- New: Console output of dedicated servers can be logged to file specified in the server config entry logFile.
- Fixed: Reduced occurrences where AI characters walked through each other.
- New: MP Statistics table now indicate who is speaking over VoN by flashing given players name.
- Optimized: Text rendering optimized, should make situations where a lot of UI text is rendered faster.
- Added: functions isKindOf, sizeOf
- Optimized: Terrain rendering uses less CPU.
- Fixed: Improved VRAM managment for ATI cards with Catalyst 7.3 or newer.
- New: Support for larger texture cache with new Texture Detail level "Default", useful for cards with over 512 MB VRAM.
- Fixed: Flare disappearing is now smooth near screen edges.
- Fixed: Wall and other obstacles now provide better shielding against explosions
- Fixed: Voice over net was not working when DS and client was running on a single PC
- Fixed: VoN connection established by retranslation through server Game socket when NAT negotiation fails
- Fixed: Memory manager sometimes flushed caches too deeply, causing short intensive disk activity.
- Fixed: VoN peer to peer connections are kept alive by sending special packets
- Fixed: Voice over IP direct speak is made louder now.
- Fixed: Improved Voice codec quality, bandwidth for voice increased from 6 kbps to 8 kbps
- New: Speex1.2 beta 2 used as VoN codec
- Fixed: VoN voice clipping is reduced now.
- Fixed: Dedicated server crashes when retranslating VoN packets through Game Socket.
- Fixed: Increased rudder authority for airplanes, improved AI using rudder while engaging.
- Fixed: Briefing was sometimes cut on the right edge.
- Fixed: MP: Crash when ammo created via createVehicle killed the player.
- Fixed: Overall quality indication in the options changed for large view distances.
- Fixed: Laser target acquire distance for AI was limited by rendering distance.
- Fixed: Removed delay between target creation and its line of sight being tested. Should help laser targets and dynamically created vehicles.
- New: Config entry vonCodecQuality to set VoN codec quality on dedicated servers (default value is 3, can be value from 1..10).
- Fixed: AI subordinates now follow leader orders even when was stopped before by the Team switch
- Fixed: Team switch shortcuts (previous / next unit) accessible also when map is shown
- Fixed: Flap actions no longer present in the action menu for plane with no flaps.
- New: Event handlers LandedTouchDown and LandedStopped
- Added: functions id setAirportSide side, airportSide id, plane landAt id, plane assignToAirport id
- Fixed: Group leader left by team switch no longer orders some commands
- Optimized: Reduced amount of data transferred when JIP into a complex and long running mission.
- Fixed: Bugs in VoN OpenAL source management.
- New: Animation controllers gmeterx, gmetery, gmeterz
- Fixed: Connection to GameSpy during dedicated server reporting was sometimes lost (Windows 2000 SP2 or newer are required now)
- Fixed: Scripting function soldier moveInCargo [vehicle,position] was not implemented.
- Fixed: Tanks now slow down when destroying a tree or other big objects.
- Fixed: Scripting function person moveInTurret [vehicle,[x,y,z]] crashed when [x,y,z] was invalid.
- Fixed: External camera was sometimes forced close to the person when some tree or bush was behind it.
- Fixed: Changing audio options while playing MP could cause VoN not working or crash the game.
- Fixed: MP: setPos and setDir effects are now transferred across the network.
- Fixed: In some situations, Rearm / Repair / Refuel did not fill all

===Data Change Log===

==Version 1.07==
* config.cpp
**fixed Maverick rocket indirect hit range (to match other rockets)
**set damageResistance
**only one Maverick per target is used now.

* Ah1Z fire geometry fix
* 2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect
**set damageResistance
**balanced helicopter armor and hitzones, so they survive emergency landing but remain vulnerable to AA gunfire
* Tweeked texture of 2D optics

**set armor and damageResistance

*Fixed wrong "stand" links in several action maps
*introduced primaryActionMaps
*Ladder moves reworked (rifle moves introduced)
*Transition erc rfl low to pne added
*Interpolation for AI movement erc stp ras rfl to erc spr low rfl added

*fixed shadow problems with small insects

* fixed maping in 1st LOD of castle\helfenburg.p3d
* fixed "empty or no skeleton" errors for hotel and kostel_mexico
* fixed Z-fight flickering on misc\zidka03
* fixed shadow volume at brana02nodoor.p3d
* fixed top roof ladder in Tovarna2
* misc\runway_papi* increased shining flare

*Getting rid of hardcoded strings
*Fixing turret errors on some of the library objects
*Bouys are not reported by AI anymore

*Map repacked to lower VRAM usage
*Updated ilsTaxiIn for Rahmadi strip,
*Added drawTaxiway value

* Fixed clan for all civilian
* deleted faulty last lod of np_soldier_pilot

** increased armor of sanbags fence to 800 (equal to fortress)
** decreased arnmor of barrels and pallettes to 20 (equal to civil car)
** empty skeleton error on armored target fixed
* paletaA, paletyC, paletyD fixed fire geometry
* Bilboard_Revolucion_bez_noh.p3d changed damage settings
* drevena_bedna.p3d changed damage settings

Map repacked to lower texture usage
**Bush moved from gate.
**Terrain adjusted, pavement accessible.
**Rock moved, scaled, rotated.

**Terrain of Pita runwaz flattened.
**Added class SecondaryAirfields, 3 more ILS definitions in it.
**Updated ilsTaxiIn for Rahmadi strip
**Added drawTaxiway value.

*Church bell sounds had wrong paths

*2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect
*T72, M1A1 changed comander_out view + improved hitpoints
*T72, ZSU, M1A1 fixed fire geometry
**set damageResistance
**HUD reworked for M113 variants
**HUD removed for ambulances
**set real T72 and M1A1 main turret elevation
*Tank commanders have new 2D square optics, some optics models cleaned
*tweaked 2D optics of brdm

*Introducing class RscInGameUI.RscUnitInfoNoHUD as default no hud class
*Introducing class RscInGameUI.RscUnitVehicle, that works together with compass hud

**zoom for ironsights on turrets set equal to other weapons

*Enabled landrover police version
*Increased magazine loads on ammo trucks
*HUDs for armed vehicles changed to work with compass

*2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect
** G36 fixed after 1.07 beta
**redesigned indirect hit and ranges for HE ammo and explosive hit
**small arms amo now has tracers only in arcade, reduced visible fire too
**changed ammo audible/visible settings
**defined Vickers mgun tracers
**all SD ammo defined as subsonic
**reduced GBU12 bomb indirect hit to not harm that much distant tanks
**M24 uses traceless ammo
*AmmoBoxes.hpp + cfgVehicles.hpp
**ammocrates destruction
*VehicleWeapons.hpp - PKT 100rnd mags introduced, mag.reload times balanced for all MGuns
*MP5 magazines have names now.
*M16 GL, AK GL and M4 ACOG+GL have new grenadelauncher ironsights
add in readme: Grenadelauncher ironsights can be now used for aiming on 150m distance, in case M4 it is 200m
* GP-25 set to correct 40mm ammo
** tweeked textures of 2D optics of acog, ags and soflam

*2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect
*M16A4 GL and M16A4 ACOG+GL have added ironsights for grenade launcher and new view axis
*Burst rate of fire for M16A4 changed, required cahnges in config.cpp of all 4 versions. |
**changed ammo audible/visible settings
*ammo B_25mm_HE indirectHitValue fixed

*2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect
**set damageResistance
**zoom for ironsights on turrets set equal to other weapons
*Tweeking 2D sights
*Humers and Landrover with turret no more injures gunner while getting out.



Version 1.06 is released in the US as ArmA: Combat Operations.

===Main New Features===
* The Armory
* A10
* Various AI, UI, gameplay and stability improvements and tweaks

===Engine Change Log===

- Fixed: Increased thrust when hovering stable in VTOL mode.
- New: Player can use Eject to disembark the vehicle while leaving engine on.
- Fixed: AI Strykers were not firing when player was not using iron sights / optics.
- Fixed: Haze was too strong with large viewdistance.
- Fixed: Reduced shadowing caused by the terrain.
- Fixed: setTerrainGrid was not reset when a new mission was started.
- Fixed: Dedicated server - after #reassign two players could control a single avatar
- Fixed: In-game UI: RMB now sends target also to the units selected in the menu (when SPACE is holding)
- Fixed: AI - Cars now can plan path through bushes (but tries to avoid them in Stealth mode)
- Fixed: AI getting into player driven ship or helicopter was sometimes going to wrong position
- Fixed: AI Ships now can reach shallow water (but very carefully)
- Fixed: Ships - searching a place where to go for get in / get out improved
- Fixed: MP - Type of remote objects was not sometimes recognized correctly (for example in function nearestObjects)
- Fixed: head movement not visible on players in vehicle
- Fixed: Freelook still forced when changing from cargo to secondary turret
- Fixed: AI sometimes did not take off NVG after skipTime was used.
- Changed: Less strict color coding for ping values.
- Fixed: Explosions no longer cause any objects flying high.
- Fixed: Some vehicles were not damaged when satchel charges exploded near them on the bridge.
- Fixed: Man state was not updated frequently enough on some conditions (for instance two players in the same vehicle)
- Fixed: Different selection of points where to get in / get out the ship
- Fixed: Gear action, when inside vehicle, gear action use this vehicle as an items container
- Fixed: Measures implemented to avoid textures being placed in AGP, which often caused degraded performance after prolonged playing.
- Optimized: Grass depth of field is now performed only with Postprocess set to Very high.
- Fixed: Muzzle flash texture is preloaded now
- Fixed: Wounded player is stuck in the water.
- Fixed: Getting into vehicles - both player and AI now handle correctly exact cargo position
- Fixed: Fixed performance issue when using Postprocess Effect High (related to grass blurring)
- Fixed: Ships - faster movement in shallow water
- Fixed: Separate get in point can be defined for each cargo position
- Fixed: function "selectWeapon" now switches character pose when launcher is selected
- Fixed: function setMousePosition is working correctly again (broken when HW cursors was introduced)
- Fixed: Releasing Alt in a vehicle should center view vertically
- Fixed: Zoom out and initial zoom settings for infantry 3D optics and 1st person view
- Fixed: Vehicles did not rearm when no ammo was remaining
- Fixed: Mission editor - objects which cannot float are placed underwater now
- Fixed: All input ignored after MP session left while chat window still open.
- Fixed: UI - selector active row highlighting was clipped to controls group
- Fixed: UI - wrong focus switching from expanded combo box (through click on the other control)
- Fixed: Improved AI path following when moving slow.
- Fixed: Improved AI car path planning in combat mode near roads.
- Fixed: Multiple dedicated servers on a single PC - wrong port was shown in the title and reported to GameSpy
- Fixed: Exhaust particle original position and speed improved
- Fixed: VoN issues with server behind firewall fixed
- Fixed: AI - heavy wheeled vehicles now can drive through bushes
- Fixed: AI cars avoided water even when canFloat =true was given in the config
- Added: function createMissionDisplay
- Added: function joinSilent
- Fixed: Vehicle commanding - after player switched to driver and then to commander, driver did not follow orders sometimes
- Fixed: External camera of the soldier was placed inside objects sometimes
- Fixed: Tracks were drawn under the bridge
- Fixed: Salute and SitDown should work as toggle actions (also their radio protocol sentence fixed)
- Fixed: MP - handling / reporting the current and maximum number of players was wrong sometimes
- Fixed: UI - Gear dialog - weapon overview improved
- Fixed: functions commandGetOut, doGetOut - units returns to formation when finished
- Improved: Moving of external camera of the soldier is much smoother now
- Fixed: AI - path planning improved (more smooth transition between plans)
- Fixed: Improved helicopters engaging targets.
- New: Helicopter animation controllers cyclicForward and cyclicAside added.
- New: User action ZoomOutToggle. Mapped to 2xNumpadMinus as default.
- Fixed: Config entry predictSpeedCoef no longer needed - speed prediction now based on looped/nonlooped. This should help AI predicting solider movement in transitions like when seeing someone going prone.
- Fixed: Improved target scanning for fast moving units.
- Fixed: In-game UI - vehicle position icons in the status bar and commanding menu
- Fixed: Map info (commands, friendly and enemy units) is now saving into game save
- Fixed: On "Cannot create system memory surface: 8007000e" error, some memory is flushed to allow game continuing.
- Fixed: scripting function "magazines" ignore empty (virtual) magazines
- Fixed: Buldozer crash - non-streaming landscapes not supported.
- Fixed: Reduced virtual address space usage on computers with 1 GB or more of RAM.
- Fixed: Eye adaption was reset when getting in/out of the vehicle (most visible with NVG)
- Fixed: AI boat movement precision and path finding improved.
- Fixed: AI vehicle braking now smoother.
- Fixed: Slightly improved AI pathfinding in a non-uniform environment.
- Fixed: Tides are now considered for AI path finding.
- Fixed: Possible server crash during NAT negotiation
- Fixed: Assigning roles display - clipping of enable / disable AI icon in list of roles
- Fixed: Better movement of convoys on roads
- Fixed: NV goggles eye accommodation was reset, when returning to a paused game
- Fixed: Gear screen in briefing - magazines was multiplied sometimes
- Fixed: Clipping of some briefings on the right edge
- Fixed: Distant grass layer follows roads more closely.
- New: New config value soundBurst to allow playing sound for each bullet in a burst
- Fixed: Brightness limits were too benevolent - cheating was possible
- Fixed: UI - during low frame rate, double click on some item in listbox was sometimes handled as double click on different item
- Fixed: UI - when two controls are drawn over, mouse events are now received by the one in the front
- Fixed: When running windowed, on some systems the image was slightly blurred.
- Fixed: Improved text output kerning.
- Fixed: HW acceleration used only when sound card offers at least 60 simultaneous sources. This fixes missing sounds while playing MP.
- Fixed: Airplanes were firing rockets even when not aimed properly.
- Fixed: UI - double clicks detected better during low frame rate
- New: UI - control event handler ButtonClick now can return true to avoid default reaction
- Fixed: AI planes not engaging targets.
- Fixed: Airplane gears now fixed when aircraft is repaired.
- Fixed: New animation controller noseWheelTurn.
- Added: functions lbSort, lbSortByValue
- Improved: UI - Chat log text border
- Fixed: Improved target Tab locking prioritization for aircraft.
- Fixed: Faint radar/IR contacts (distant targets) now rendered as unknown (yellow).
- Fixed: The ingame progress bar showed up for a little while when the game was loading and was supposed to use the splash screens instead
- Fixed: Progress bar was too bright at the end of the loading for a little while
- Fixed: UI - text cursor in edit control was on wrong position
- Fixed: AI planes unable to land on Sahrani airport.
- Fixed: AI - car drivers sometimes ignored commands from player in cargo
- New: function isServer to check if given machine is the server.
- Fixed: Tanks were not jumping over the concrete ramp
- Fixed: Get In waypoint - group leader sometimes did not get in when assigned to gunner position
- Fixed: Improved laser target detection and engaging by AI.
- Fixed: Improved AI plane reaching waypoints.
- Fixed: Retail version doesn't try to compile shaders now unless being specifically asked to generate them
- Fixed: Crash when trying to use HW without possibility to use shadow buffer technique (observed on Intel on board graphics card)
- Fixed: Debriefing - in campaign, objectives was not properly marked
- Added: Heading source to HUD's

* Defined camel pilot for camels config.cpp (5.3.2007)
* Added clan signs and logos to Harriers and Littlebirds
* fixed pilot position in Harrier bomber , deleted unnecessary properties
* changed blink lights to still lights on harrier airplanes
* repositioned landing light on Cobra
* model.cfg
** fixed compass rotation for Mi17
**Changed values of harrier flight envelope
**HIT values and armor changed for all models
*Harrier bomber has now 6 bombs
*Removed erroneous rotor tilting from helicopter config.
*Cobra glass textures changed, also material for night instruments
*UH60 with machinegun second turret definition fixed.
*KA-50 missile and rocket firing points inversed
*Mi-17 rocket firing points inversed
*soundInsideCoef reduced to 0.2 for AV-8B
*UH60mg fire geometry and memory fix

*modeled landing lights to SU34
**Changed values of SU flight envelope
**Added landing lights to Su34
**Changed Armor setting

* Fixed Reload collision capsules
* Player can sit with pistol
* Fixed interpolations to dead in all transition animations
* Increased death bounding spheres to 1.5

* materials update
* config.cpp
** placement=vertical; added for RADAR station
** tweaked markerLights values
* dum_zboreny.p3d
** Collision geometry & Roadway modifications
* Tent_east.p3d - changed geometry
* Added new marker lights to runway navilight, edgelight and trafic stoplights
* fixed LOD bug in podesta_1_stairs3.p3d
* fixed collision Plot_Ohrada_zlomena

* added markerlight to small road barrier
* fixed buoys floating

* Defined camel pilot config.cpp, model.cfg (5.3.2007)
* Added model of camel pilot, textures and materials (5.3.2007)
* Added clan for civilians and soldiers
* Added new Helmets for us_sodier_sabass.p3d, us_sodier_sabot.p3d, us_sodier_sabmark.p3d (8.3.2007)
* Pilots and Crewman now have smokeshells and one more magazine to avoid "ammo low" messages.
* Zombies do not use dangerFSM anymore.

*pytle_palety.p3d fixed collision
*drevtank added supply point
*BVP1T fixed alphasorting
*fixed Ladder Half roadway

*str_fikovnik fixed n

*Material change on bridges to fit visually to roads


* moved some rocks, poles, bus stop sign and shelter around Tlaloc
* adjusted terrain at El Gordo and Ic79
* several objects moved from road at Gj19
** m113.p3d
** selections in model
** config.cpp and model.cfg modifications
* T72 and Abrams turret elevation and depression modified to match realistic values
* Shilka,BMP2 recieved a higher damageResistance to force tankcommanders to use maingun on it, instead of M2.
* soundInsideCoef lowered to 0.2 for M1A1

* deleted unnecessary properties from both RHIB models
** RHIB.p3d, RHIB_gunboat.p3d
** still lights properly positioned
** selections in model
* config.cpp and model.cfg modifications
** changed ship class precision when following path
** RHIB2Turret rear turret definition updated

* M249 - texture modification
* DShKM - texture modification
* Increased indirectHitRange for all rockets from 0.2 to 2 meters
* Increased costs for RPG and M136 to avoid AI shooting at soldiers
* VehicleWeapons magazines maxLeadSpeed fixed
* Increased artillery ammo strength
* Increased AV-8 GBU loadout to 6 bombs
* Javelin model hotfix. Model modified to fire horizontal. Number of mags limited.
* NVG 2D optics improved
* 3 round burst ammo introduced for M134
* Burst mode introduced for MP5s
* Firing sound of the 57mm launcher changed
* Rebalancing of all bullet ammotypes
* adjusted firing rate of M134
* static weapons can zoom now
* TOW rocket center of gravity fixed, stabilising the flight
* Weapons used on aircrafts are always lockable

* m16 ViewPilot update -
* weapons used on aircraft are now always lockable

* config.cpp
**fixed amount of Pick-up cargo
**changed max speed settings for civil cars
**Fixed 5t truck co-driver settings
**Gunner of UAZ with machinegun casts shadow now.
**HIT values and armor changed for all models
* model.cfg
**fixed gauges to show proper speed values
* hilux*, datsun*, tractor - fixed exhaust points
* fixed steering wheel rotation in all hilux* models
* Humer, 5T truck, LandRover, Stryker, Tractor and Uaz - deleted unnecessary properties n
* Humer config - viewGunnerInExternal to prevent sound muffling for gunner
* Humer has now penetrable glass
* fix Stryker TOW kolize
* fix model center on Strykers for AI pathfinding
* fix damageHide selection on all UAZ*.p3d
* Strykers, BRDM - 2 received a higher damageResistance to force tankcommanders to use maingun on it, instead of M2.

* added clan signs on the TT650 and M1030, deleted unnecessary properties

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