Commander: Conquest of the Americas - Patch 1.03 zum Download

Nitro Games verbessert mit dem Patch 1.03 unter anderem das Balancing im Strategiespiel Commander: Conquest of the Americas.

von Andre Linken,
16.08.2010 13:42 Uhr

Der Entwickler Nitro Games hat den Patch 1.03 für das Strategiespiel Commander: Conquest of the Americas als separaten Download außerhalb von Steam veröffentlicht. Das Update nimmt zahlreiche Änderungen vor. So werden unter anderem die KI-Routinen verbessert, das Balancing überarbeitet und diverse Fehler beseitigt. Die kompletten Patch-Notes finden Sie wie gewohnt unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes von Commander: Conquest of the Americas v1.03

  • Ship highlighting in tactical level
  • AI will now build fleets with 1-3 squadrons
  • A message is received when colony has a need
  • Resource window can now be accessed by clicking the 3D resources and from Colony-founding view
  • Morale information now shown in port name tags on strategic level
  • Overall autoresolve balancing
  • Overall ship balancing (schooner, xebec, brig, carrack, cutter)
  • AI has now the possibility to select upgrades to ships
  • More damage inflicted when fleeing from autoresolve
  • Destroyed fort affects ships' morale less
  • Need amounts are decreased
  • Smaller visibility range for squadrons
  • Increased warehouse capacity (all levels)
  • Reduced birth rate
  • Reduced damage to crew from grape shots
  • Ship upgrade prices are now relative to the ship price
  • DLC 1: Colonial Navy overall balancing
  • Info text and tiny icon shown over ship icon in shipyard if the shipyard level is too low
  • Problem with water showing black with some older graphics card drivers fixed
  • AI nations will not make war offers to player anymore, if it is in war with him
  • strategic camera scroll tweaked
  • Impossible to select "heavier cannons" upgrade if the ship has no cannons
  • Soldiers don't shoot from sinking ships anymore
  • When Port attack is clicked from squadron interface, it'll show red crosshair on enemy ports, when mouse vers over them
  • No "cannon accuracy" upgrade for ships with no cannons
  • Tooltips for upgrades in Shipyard now show full upgrade description
  • Graphics and tooltips for shipyard build button improved
  • "Build more warships" -mission fixed
  • Fixed tax-slider (smoother)
  • Now to move trade items from warehouse to squadron also when balance is under 0
  • Fleets cannot resupply at colonyspots anymore
  • AI doesn't add more colonists than there is space left
  • It's not possible for forts to flee the battle anymore
  • Problem with squadrons of a larger fleet disappearing when entering a port fixed
  • CTD-fix: AI squadron-merge caused a crash on savegame
  • CTD-fix: clicking "sell all" in the colony trade view caused a crash sometimes
  • CTD-fix: When trying to load a game or trying to return to main menu while in tactical with a fort, the game could crash
  • screen edge scrolling fixed for dualscreen & triplehead (triplehead can be enabled from options.txt)
  • possibility to lock cursor to game window or on dualscreen to the other screen (can be changed from options.txt)
  • Strategic camera problem with low fps fixed
  • GUI shows amount of cannons correctly now
  • AI will now repair their fleets at port in month change
  • Fixed flashing strategic loading screen when loading a game from main menu or ingame-menu before showing the correct loading screen.
  • Player can't see AI squadrons in docks/trade/people-windows anymore when in alliance and AI squadron arrives to player port for resupplies.
  • New commander created for captured AI squadrons
  • Friendly fort not spawned anymore on top of enemy fort when attacking enemy colony after multiple defending colony battles.
  • Tooltips for specialist fixed (squadron info window)
  • DLC ships used to display wrong icons in shipyard
  • Building prices now correct in every difficulty level
  • Building prices sometimes didn't fit the designated area
  • pressing tab (changing colony) did not hide selected fleet bouys
  • rare CTD caused by native raid fixed
  • "Buy soldiers" button disabled ( grey ) when no more room for soldiers
  • tactical level tip-text removed since we now have a tutorial box on the top right corner
  • "Barcelona" is changed to "Sevilla"

Größe: 2,7 MByte
Sprache: Deutsch


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