Football Manager 2011 - Patch 11.1.0 zum Download

Der Patch 11.1.0 für die Management-Simulation Football Manager 2011 beseitigt Absturzfehler und mehr.

Der Entwickler Sports Interactive hat den Patch 11.1.0 für die Management-Simulation Football Manager 2011veröffentlicht. Das umfangreiche Update nimmt zahlreiche Änderungen vor, beseitigt unter anderem diverse Absturzfehler und vieles mehr. Im Folgenden finden Sie die kompletten Patch-Notes.

Patch-Notes für Football Manager 2011 v11.1.0

Crash Fixes

- Fixed possible crash when removing condition from player search filter dialog.
- Fixed launching from Windows Media Centre in fullscreen
- Fixed crash when generating award news items


- Fixed framerate glitch when the commentry bar changes colour
- Fixed issue where teams were wearing European kits in domestic matches.
- Fixed player motivation showing up as "complacent" when trailing in matches.
- Fixed a possible match divergence for matches going into extra time.
- Fixed missed shots that stayed on the pitch from showing up as blocked shots on the match analysis screen.
- Adjusted some of the pass tracking on the match analysis screen.
- Fixed issue where the start of first highlight is missed when user watches all goals/highlights.
- Fixed mac only player shirt corruption when switching between highmediumlow detail during a 3d match.
- Improved framerate of 3d match for older graphics cards running 3d in low detail.
- Fixed dynamic weather system which could often result in too much rainfall during match when not forecast.
- Fixed dynamic sounds not playing during the match when watching in "commentary only" mode.
- Fixed a bug where user confirms tactics without making a change, he can now make future tactics changes without any problems.
- Closing down player instruction now defaults to 'team' for certain positions when using classic tactics.
- Fixed issue with defensive line instruction changing when user set tactical roles for players when using classic tactics.


- Fixed issue where players were getting preferred squad numbers instead of starting squad numbers in the first season.
- Fixed assistant manager feedback during matches about opponents outnumbering our players in defense/midfield/attack.
- Fixed text for PPM training in player profile training section from clipping.
- Fixed an assert on training screen coach assignments when no coaches at the club.
- Fixed player/non-player not accepting mutual termination when manager first joins as promised.
- National and continental reputation database filters for creating a new game were including too many players.
- Games played in position now doesn't include data for when players do not play long enough to get a rating.
- Stopped players being sent out from parent clubs when it is not possible for the loan to go through.
- Fixed starting days to gain nationality being calculated wrongly for some players in countries with the continuous living in nation requirement, requires new game.
- Fixed startup movie rendering off the bottom of the screen.
- Fixed some of the data (ppm trained, days injured) appearing corrupt on the player profile training section when no physios available at the club.
- Fixed wrong string being displayed in the affiliated clubs screen for clubs with access to other club training facilities.
- Prevented first team coaching assignments from being re-adjusted if only the youth team was missing assignments when hiring/firing staff.
- Improved weather with particular regard to reducing snowfall at higher temperatures.
- Fixed issue when applying for a vacant B team job.
- Fixed "Cannot run game failed to set up graphics". If this message persists you can do one of the following. Install the full Direct-X SDK or install shader emulation software such as Swiftshader.
-Fixed possible corruption of human training info when resigning from a club/nation when managing both club and a nation at the same time.


- Adjusted manager wage requests when being hired from non-managerial roles.
- Adjusted chairman club loans.
- Adjusted non-football costs for lower league clubs.
- Fixed transfer clause news item link sending manager to wrong screen.
- Fixed too little ground rent being paid.
- Adjusted criteria for semi-pro clubs turning pro.
- Adjusted non-football costs for Premier league clubs.
- Adjusted South Korea ticket prices, wages.


- Human preferred formation on profile panel now defaults to 4-4-2 if the human's formation can't be calculated.
- Fixed a problem where the same string was displayed twice in the pre match analisys before a Cup Final.
- Fixed row selection changing automatically when accepting an offer in the Transfer Offer Centre.
- Fixed right side panel in tactics changing to player instructions automatically when dragging a player selection and scrolling in the left side squad list panel.
- Fixed Player Comparison panel not being translated properly when changing in-game language.
- Fixed some issues with live league table, latest scores and goal updates not working correctly on the competition screen.
- Fixed issue where the player happiness panel may not update until the game continues.
- Team record defeat records are now displayed 0-10 instead of 10-0.
- Fixed being able to click on players to take you to their profile in the Set Piece Creator.
- Custom views on squad panels now works across human and AI teams (not separate for each of the two).
- User can now not use the Past Positions tab to view the drawn groups just before the draw has been displayed.
- Fixed bug where fixtures in a group would not show underneath the group table.
- Auto team selection now doesn't pick players who are co-owned and away at the other team.
- Squad filters sometimes would be of incorrect team type and show no players for the team (mainly reserves/U23).
- Fixed a bug where goals of the season don't get shown properly.
- Fixed player training screen to not show first team match preparation workload for youth players.
- Fixed sort order when sorted by picked status (Pkd) on tactics after clicking "Undo Last" would not updating correctly.
- Fixed sort order on quad panels not updating correctly when using the top button bar to change team selection/positions.
- Fixed match widgets not remembering positions
- Penalty shootout bar is now collapsable
- Fixed incorrect sub tabs showing during match
- Holiday dialog now remembers "Return from holdiay on date" setting
- Fixed "Take Control" button on team screen when adding a new manager
- Fixed some untranslated text on the Upload Highlights and Fixtures screens
- Fixed "Past Experience" not updating after resigning
- Fixed popup menus on the Team Settings - Scouting panel
- Fixed user being able to buy and sell other teams transfer clauses
- Fixed display of match time during extra-time
- Fixed tactic buttons not being set to disabled when changes are pending
- Fixed layouts of Hall of Fame panels
- Fixed wrong match view mode being set when selecting an incident in the Match Overview screen
- Tidied up the layout of match panels


- Stopped over the top reaction to a B team winning a league.
- Reference talking point rather than highlight in matchday round-up when it's the losing team.
- Fixed news item predicting record attendance listing away following as being almost as big as the total attendance.
- Fixed rounding issue with Transfer Offer news item which occasionally stated that a transfer bid is slightly higher than offered.
- Fixed Champions Cup seedings news item referring to 2010/11, every season.
- FIxed code in news item about a player been unhappy about a transfer bid been refused.
- Fixed string announcing stadium will be packed when not anywhere near capacity.
- Ensure distance in stat analysis news uses distance preference settings.
- Fixed incorrect description of international players in 'players involved in national team' round-up e.g. 'fledgling international career'.
- Fixed code in news item about a player been unhappy at the sale of another player.
- Ensure appearances stat should only be displayed in news towards latter stages of season.
- Fixed 'Where Are They Now' News not displaying on request for unemployed humans.
- Stopped managers making incorrect comments based on the type of the last match.
- Fixed problem where player description would describe a club captain as his national team captain if he was currently in the squad.
- Give precedence to winning league over winning other competitions in team descriptions.
- Fixed headline describing teams as 'easing past' when it was closer than that.
- Manager to manager comments are now more varied.
- Managers no longer comment on an other managers recent appointment when they have been at the club for a long time.
- Fixed news item prompting to name an international squad for a double header against the same team repeating the team name twice.
- Fixed minor friendly recieving press coverage from high profile journal e.g. World soccer Magazine.
- Fixed shortlisted player being described as own team's youngster in contract expires soon news item.
- News item regarding dangerman reads better and "Respond to comment" is no longer shown.
- News item praising the manager for signing a recommended player now correctly comes from the player rather than the manager.
- Fixed string shown in title chasing news item message.
- News items about players been unhappy about actions at their parent club no longer incorrectly refering the team they are on loan at.
- Fixed problem where teams were being mixed up in a news item referring to byes through rounds in certain competitions.
- Fixed some strings where we want to refer to a talking point for the losing team in a match report without it being a highlight.
- Fixed some strings which weren't feminised.
- Fixed overall best eleven news item button taking you to the latest seasons best XI not the overall.
- Fixed occasional instance of wrong news being sent when a player completes learning a preferred move.
- Fixed popup action buttons sizing issues

Newgens and Player/Non-Player Progression

- Adjusted long term goalkeeper agility and balance attributes.
- Adjusted code for filling in height and jumping attribute.
- Adjusted Brazilian common names for newgens.
- No extra youth players created at the start of the game for clubs without youth facilities.
- Adjusted second nationalities for Bosnian newgens.
- Finetuned jumping attribute in relation to player height.
- Finetuned non-player progression.
- Adjusted home grown status given to extra players generated at empty clubs and virtual players.
- Fixed some retirements of non-players that were happening right before the club season ended.
- Adjusted long term attribute development
- Adjusted newgens from inactive African nations


- Fixed user receiving several separate competition round-up news items when they are not subscribed.
- Fixed user receiving record news for reserve competitions when not subscribed to them.
- Fixed occasional instances of unsubscribe action being undone when player is automatically removed from shortlist.
- Stopped user being inundated with squad number reaction news when subscribed to competition.

Press Conferences

- Fixed user questioned about toughness of away draw when due to nature of the cup round, the team would always be drawn away.
- Fixed being questioned about my inability to speak language when taking over a team where the majority of players can speak that language.
- Fixed press conference asking how disappointed I am with elimination after victory through play-offs.
- Fixed press conference option for player signed without work permit as he will be farmed out immediately.
- Improved main talking point selection.
- Fixed issue where play-off contenders were not being considered as promotion candidates.
- Fixed minutes being incorrectly totalled in press conference question about minutes since goalkeeper last conceded.
- Fixed press conference question not taking promotion into account when referencing past answer for choosing title winners.
- Fixed some questions displaying the wrong answer set.


- Fixed problem with honours occasionally being duplicated if person had more than one job at same team.
- Will no longer mention appearances for players where that information does not exist.

Board Takeovers

- Ensured person leading local businessman takeover is local.


- Ensure AI managers don't demoralise players by withdrawing them before potential international debut.
- Fixed assistant recommending 26 man squad before naming a 23 man tournament squad.
- Ensure humans get report on players on international duty if they have other staff apart from assistant manager.
- Stopped young players taking up nationality because they think they can play for a nation they will never be good enough for.
- Stopped players (e.g. Almunia) taking up a nationality to play for a country that they will never be allowed to play for.
- Stopped very good players playing for non-fifa nations e.g. France / Guadelope.
- Fixed player call-up news item mentioning international competition that hasn't started yet.
- Ensure that news about international player retirements also gets delivered to their club manager.
- Ensure user can set friendly instructions for own player when he is called up as a replacement in international squad.

Team Talks

- Enabled "Encourage" team talk option when leading only by two goals (will be enabled in ME version 903).
- Fixed bug where assistant manager team talk setting wasn't being applied immediately after going to a team talk.
- Fixed full time team talk assistant feedback not being stored for players who were subbed during the match but got a team talk at the end.

Backroom Advice

- No longer advised to scout other nations if the club can only sign basque players.
- Fixed advice been displayed suggesting the team needs 4 points from one game to achieve their target.
- Fixed advice been displayed suggesting the team needs -1 point to achieve their target.
- No longer advised to drop players due to bad form when they are in good form.


- User now controls introducing the tutee in tutoring conversations rather than them appearing on their own.
- Tutoring completion news item is no longer randomly selected.
- Ensure that news reaches the human when managers comment on people at the human's team.
- Players who agree to come out of international retirement now come out of international retirement.
- Unhappinesses are now always removed when the conversation has a positive outcome.
- The happiness category is now correctly disabled once you've already had a happiness related chat.
- Decreased the effect on morale having conversations have.
- Fixed bug where players who wanted to become non-players were not doing so following a recommendation by the manager.
- Cut down on the amount of tutoring the AI teams setup.
- News item When a player agrees to mutually terminate their contract in a conversation is now always sent.
- Improved the recent form and last game conversation flow.
- Added an option to conversations to let the user leave the conversation once it has reached the second stage.
- Added better descriptions for the linked people on the interaction screens.
- Stopped players who don't want to leave the club accepting mutual contract terminations.

Player Happiness

- Fixed players incorrectly thinking a promise to improve man management has failed.
- Made players more likely to agree leave of absence or promise to bring in a friend when they are struggling to settle at the club.
- Players now get unhappy if they are left out of the league squads for the season.
- Increased the likelihood of players backing down in conversations.
- Decreased the amount of players getting unhappy about settling in the area.
- Player no longer get unhappy about been placed in the reserves if they are banned.
- Players no longer request to be transfer listed if they are unhappy about not wanting to leave the club.
- Stopped players becoming unhappy at the same time.
- Players no longer get unhappy about their squad status changing when the manager hasn't changed it.
- Stopped players getting unhappy at been left out of the league squad if they are unavailable.
- Stopped players who are out on loan becoming unhappy about being placed in the reserves.

Board Requests

- Board no longer incorrectly reject buidling a new stadium for financial reasons if the club has money available in the bank.
- No longer abled to make board requests to alter the current stadium once a new stadium is already planned.
- Stopped the board agreeing to purchase players that they cannot afford.

Social Networking

- Goal uploads now have differing titles and descriptions
- Stopped potential jump to match overview panel while uploading a clip
- Prevented use of keyboard shortcuts during upload process
- Fixed issue where uploads would fail if team name contained '&' symbol
- Fixed issue where having multiple managers in hot seat game where a manager wasn't logged in to Twitter could lead to them posting to another managers Twitter feed
- Movie recording no longer getting cut short if user left full screen mode while encoding video
- Players no longer occasionaly glide at start of new clip during match highlight package
- Fixed crash uploading individual goal from match that went to a penalty shoot out
- Stopped camera angle selected getting stuck after using view goal option from the upload panel
- Increased the time out on YouTube uploads which should cut down on issues being seen with uploads failing

Foreign Languages

- Nicknames not showing correctly in club background news in foreign languages. e.g. Torino - Toro.

Quick Match

- Stopped physical teams overperforming.


- Fixed Swedish Referees Association Manager of the Year from being given to managers outside of the premier division.
- Improved manager of the year award selection, by increasing the value of qualifying for champions league unexpectedly etc.
- Stopped a manager undeservedly winning manager of the month if he moved clubs during that month.


- Non player's preferred formation is now displayed correctly.
- Fixed some issues with custom continental competitions which use a lot of teams.
- Fixed issue with continental cups being setup too early.
- Fixed problem with Champions League/Europa League not updating properly if custom continental cups are added with different season start days.
- Fixed some issues when adding custom lower divisions to a nation
- Can now use more than 200 nations for custom continental competitions.
- International friendlies for nations are now sorted by date.
- Fixed bug with custom division playoffs where a losing team from a lower division would be relegated from the lower division instead of remain in the lower division.
- Can now delete derbies from the editor.
- Fixed problem where Championship playoff wasn't picking teams properly from a group stage.
- Club Youth Setup, Youth Academy and Youth Recruitment fields can be be assigned a -1 value to stop clubs producing youth players.
- Fixed issue where loan rules for one division were being used by all divisions.
- Stopped created teams with no captain or vice-captain set, defaulting to having Sandy Martens displayed as captain.
- Loan rules for a parent competition now work for sub-divisions.
- Championship playoffs across sub-divisions now work correctly.


- Encouraged more internal transfers.
- Fixed obscure issue whereby a player would accept an offer but then reject a slightly better offer.
- Stopped all hotseat managers from getting wants improved contract news item (when player isn't thiers).
- Made a change to help movement of higher earning players when offered to clubs.
- Slowed down number of transfer decision by managers in minor divisions
- Got turkish teams to adhere to the foreigner rule.
- Made a change to help prevent teams from signing backup players and then fail to register them.
- Enabled agent offers of free transfer players outside of transfer window.
- Fixed match highest earner increases not being activated following a transfer.
- Allowed user to re-enter contract negotiations following an adjustments in budgets.
- Fixed news item stating player was due monthly installments from a transfer deal.
- Stopped user being able to offer wage after x appearances to former players.
- Fixed player rejecting contract offer due to not getting enough appearance bonus when he was offered what he requested.
- Fixed issue where minimum fee release clauses were not being setup correctly at the start of the game.
- Ensured players who are good enough to be first team regulars get stated as such in the loan offer news item.
- Toned down the initial agent demands regarding very large contract offers.
- Made it harder to bribe players with high signing on fees instead of giving them decent wages.


- Fixed confidence issue whereby board would think the manager was underperforming even though they were doing exactly as asked in the league.
- Fixed issue where if a player was sold for an extremely large amount, the baord could state you didn't recieve enough money for him.

Network Game

- Move matches to Sat or Wed option now works for leagues which have real-life fixtures defined.
- Fixed issue where code may show up in press conference news items on the client.


- Improved neutral stadium selection for custom continental competitions.
- Fixed issue where national team squad numbers were not being restricted correctly.
- Fixed the pre match news for domestic cups which wasn't taking into account fixed draws when mentioning possible rivals to face in the next round
- Before saying that the fate is in hands for a team, the code is now checking how many fixtures to go there are, and, when it's just one, is displaying a different string
- Fixed issue where player loaned out before squad registration still is included in the count of players selected.
- Pre match analysis are now showing an additional string with extra info when available (team score requirements).
- Pre match analysis strings are now taking into account the goal difference gap between two teams before saying things like "Team A can overtake Team B after next match".
- Pre match analysis new feature: some new strings are into the game (not sure if they gonna be translated) displaying the minumum number of points a team needs to secure a fate from the next fixtures.
- Fixed a situation where a team would play twice on one day.
- Teams now don't arrange friendlies for dates where they are set to play in European competitions.
- Fixed issue where a player might not be classed as home-grown when he is.
- 16/17 year old youth players don't get given 15-21 homegrown status at the start of the game if they have no history entries.
- Fixed some issues with the European Club Rankings news item.


- Updated game credits.
- Added some missing tooltips.


- Host nation always plays in first World Cup match.
- European Championships 24 team schedule starting from 2016 extended a few days to cope with the extra games.
- French players now banned for international friendlies as well as competitive matches.

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