Football Manager 2011 - Patch 11.3.0 zum Download

Der Patch 11.3.0 für die Management-Simulation Football Manager 2011 behebt unter anderem einen Absturzfehler.

von Andre Linken,
09.03.2011 13:02 Uhr

Der Entwickler Sports Interactive hat den Patch 11.3.0 für die Management-Simulation Football Manager 2011 veröffentlicht. Das umfangreiche Update bringt unter anderem die Mannschaftsdaten auf den neuesten Stand - inklusive der jüngsten Transfers aus der Januar-Periode. Des Weiteren werden diverse Absturzfehler beseitigt.

Auschnitt der Patch-Notes für Football Manager 2011 v11.3.0

  • Fixed rare crash when User tried to holiday past Assign Squad Numbers news item.
  • Fixed array access out of bounds error when rejecting all options from the feeder clubs proposal screen.
  • Fixed a rare array access out of bounds viewing a teams fixture list.
  • Fixed an issue where a player would not get home-grown 15-21 status correctly.
  • Adjusted attendances for big Danish rivalry matches
  • Improved link between height and jumping when not using real players when starting a new game.
  • Fixed issue with Dutch league being disabled when adding a new manager if an early game start date is used.
  • Fixed an issue to do with a few club awards which caused savegames not to load properly.
  • Fixed the trial day invitation news item not recommending players when there are players who will sign for the club.
  • Stopped lots of players getting upset about lack of discipline because a player wasn't fined for being sent off for professional foul.
  • Fixed days in nation counts for players transferring intra-countries with continous living requirements.
  • Fixed an issue where transfer deals might not get processed in time on transfer deadline day.
  • Fixed an issue where a player was described as an attacking full-back when he couldn't play that position.
  • Manager who features on users 'worst opinion' list no longer feels we could become friends.
  • Fixed bug where players didn't go on holiday at the end of the season.

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