Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi - Patch 2.04d zum Download

Der Patch 2.04d für das Strategiespiel-Addon Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi beseitigt Fehler und verbessert die KI.

von Andre Linken,
11.03.2011 12:02 Uhr

Paradox Interactive hat den umfangreichen Patch 2.04d für das Strategiespiel-Addon Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi veröffentlicht. Das Update nimmt unter anderem Änderungen an der Benutzeroberfläche vor, verbessert die KI und beseitigt diverse Fehler. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie wie gewohnt unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes für Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi v2.04d

Game Balance & Database Changes

- "Major Worker Strike" Event can now give -2 NU
- control_over_chihli_gulf no longer requires provinces owned by MAN
- Removed port requirement from DD tech
- Changkufeng Incident trigger fixed
- Gave Bock some historical promotion dates so he's a FM in 1940
- Operation Zet trigger
- Tweaked ASW values for DDs, CLs, and Navs
- Adjusted JAP leader rank dates
- Province 1734 moved to emmen region
- Added } to event 525
- Reduced HQ strength
- Fixed a bug in Bitter peace that prevented JAP getting any provinces.
- Changed naval_supremacy_in_the_east triggers
- Gave CHI 1 level of inf warfare and large front docs and 2 levels of supply production.
- Moved some IC and VP from CHI's coast to centre.
- Added some MP to CHI.
- Can't create MEN while at war with CSX (prevents supply oddness)
- Units moving into hostile provinces no longer regain org on the move
- Outliner now sorts combats at top to make it easier to spot in multiplayer
- Terrain equipment techs now properly modify attrition
- Fixed an issue with historical japanese leaders not loading properly
- Set low pressure zone in black sea back to 6
- Added starting relations to ITA/GER
- Changed several triggered modifiers so that faction members count too
- Moved some FRA air units in 1940 OOB
- Increased base stacking penalty to 0.1
- Put FIN's DoI HQ in Finland
- Player can now do strategic redeployment across to allied territory
- Fixed "Destroyers for Bases" event
- A revised Second Vienna Award event
- Units constructed with single constructions now return manpower when canceled
- Officer ration bonuses capped at 140% to give less player advantage vs ai, more officers only work as buffer
- Winter war now checks FIN is NOT in allies/axis
- Great Patriotic War & Transfer of Industry to Siberia events can now actually run properly
- Fixed a supply drawing problem with military access when not in a faction
- CHI/SOV start at 100 relations now
- MR pact now gives a non agression pact with SOV.
- Can now cancel drift vs faction leader countries we have ended up in war with
- Increased surface detection ability of naval bombers
- Tech practical limit lowered
- Fixes for the Changkugfeng and Soviet industry events so they don't repeat.
- Added missing oob from the "destroyers for bases" event.
- A tweak to the Danish surrender event so that Denmark has to be in the Allies for it to fire
- Trades will no longer auto-cancel for some nations in alliances
- Mountain troops now a bit better in mountains/hills/arctic
- Harsher effect of terrain type on motorized units and artillery
- Units now regain organization faster when low and slower when high, bonus is right now +/-25% and moddable as LOW_ORG_REGAIN_BONUS
- Terrain/weather is a bit more extreme now (colder arctic/mountains, swampier swamps etc)
- Changed some terrain in NE France
- Lowered infra on ITA/FRA border
- Made some more SOV provinces artic
- Renamed SOV BB "Black sea fleet" to "Parizhskaya Kommuna"
- Fixed missing check german surrender to free polish provinces
- Secede_province command in surrender events can now handle actually returning occupied provinces the way its intended
- Capped supply depos during startup to get better resource distribution
- Submarine torpedoes now upgradeable
- Destroyers a bit stronger vs subs
- General rebalancing of barbarossa scenario
- Marines are a bit better in jungle terrain
- Subs have a lower surprise chance but a higher bonus when it happens
- Hills and arctic a bit colder
- MR fighters gain more attack and defence from techs
- MR fighters have a higher base speed and range
- Strat bomb values tweaked down
- Subs have higher morale but lower Org
- Ints base speed and range lowered, cost increased
- Lowered infra in less traveled areas
- Brazzaville now has 20 infra again
- New Orleans now has a port
- Added an event to reunitie FRA and VIC
- GER's surrender no longer removed ITA from the Axis
- Removed the "Blockade" strategic effects as they do not work.
- Fixed several strategic effects so that they also work when not in a faction.

Interface Improvements

- Fixed some tech localisation
- Attrition info in tooltips now correct
- Adjacency indicators now placed inside province view
- Fixed checking order for alliances so proper reasons for not joining are now shown
- Tweaked where diplo chance messages change to make it a bit more pessimistic ( MAYBE changed from <50 to <60 for example)
- Fixed some broken text files
- Fixed spelling of Canal -> Channel
- Tooltips for max speed and range added to subunits
- Subunits now show tooltips when reorganizing a unit to help with who goes where.
- Correct speed shown for unselected units in brigade builder
- Tech settings from main game setup now makes sense and are used as loaded from save
- Updated credits
- added missing variables in call to arms messages
- Fixed broken penalty tooltip for navies
- Game results no longer appears outside boxes on end screen
- Added german some translations
- Localization text for the Soviet Industry event.
- Fixed a few broken text lookups
- Experience stars shown in brigade view
- Fixed a lot of spelling and grammar fixes
- GER's surrender and the DDR events are now major.
- Fixed missing event texts for tech modifying event effects
- Convoy raiding and convoy escort missions wont spawn arrival messages for each provinces if this is enabled by player.
- Fixed localisation for event 518
- Disorganized_officer_corps now has text
- Fixed and issue with unit upgrade menu getting stuck at the top of the screen

AI Improvements

- Updated with latest Lothos AI files.
- Fixed an issue with ai making it bog down its advance in JAP for example
- Vassal ai always accept alliance offers
- Vassals automatically ally
- Allies can now trade with each other even if not in faction
- Autoassignment of leaders for ai (leaders are again assigned after purge etc)
- AI will now actually promote leaders when needed for higher positions
- Faction acceptance a bit less random now
- Fixed an issue with ai settings at startup
- Broken texts for faction progress fixed
- Trade ai now more easily give up trades for less priority goods when getting broke
- Fixed issue with ai sliders getting shifted
- Player should no longer receive incorrect influence commands
- Tech ai will no longer wastefully try for more officers
- Ai more careful about joining alliances
- Cleaned up dead script code for country diplomacy
- UK tech AI focuses a bit more on naval tech
- Fixed an issue with poland being accepted into axis
- Yunnan no longer prio target for axis influence
- Upped ai lower limit on accepting into faction to reduce randomness
- GER should return Southern FRA provinces when they surrender.
- Fixed incorrect date check in FRA script

Performace and Stability

- Fixed a crash due to out of bounds country names
- Reload debug menu turned off in release version
- Proper UAC settings used for hoi3 app
- Random numbers in event scopes optimized
- Optimized tech ai
- Fixed out of sync issue with naval combat
- Fixed out of syncs during bombing in multiplayer
- Optimized graphics updating of counters & avatars
- Optimized slider AI
- Fixed issue with leader ranks going out of bounds
- Fixed a lua exception
- Optimized trade ai a bit
- Turning off game is now faster than a well oiled kitten
- Fixed resign crash after loading certain savegames
- Optimized trade ai calls
- Fixed trigger crash
- Fixed a problem stopping game from connecting to metaserver
- Ai influence cancel commands only sent if actually allowed to
- Fixed a multiplayer crash and corrupted saves when organizing constructions from licenses
- Fixed a crash during air missions
- Speeded up rendering for unit sprites
- Fixed crash when giving strategic deployment orders to units during transport
- Germany should no longer stick around as axis leader even when it doesnt exist

User Modding

- Fixed some file names
- Officer ration cap scriptable in defines.lua
- Can now mod maximum practical tech limit. see MAX_TECH_ABILITY in defines.lua
- Startup relations scriptable between nations
- Script effect "fuel" for adding/removing fuel just like you can with other resources
- Fixed an issue when reloading shaders
- Experience indicator in brigade view separated depending on unit type to support modding
- Leader assignment buttons now have different types depending on unit type to support modding
- Fixed a bunch of places where map cache loading didnt check for moddability

Größe: 58,1 MByte
Sprache: mehrsprachig

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