Tour de France 2010 - Patch verbessert Performance

Der Patch für das Sportspiel Tour de France 2010 verbessert unter anderem die allgemeine Performance.

von Andre Linken,
21.07.2010 13:45 Uhr

Der Entwickler Cyanide Studios hat den Patch für die Management-Simulation Tour de France 2010veröffentlicht. Das Update verbessert unter an derem die allgemeine Performance des Spiels, optimiert die KI im Rahmen der Saison und beseitigt diverse Fehler. Die komplette Liste der Änderungen finden Sie unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes für Tour de France 2010 v1.0.2.2

  • Improved game performances and memory management
  • Improved sprints gameplay (fixed issues with "trains" and team mates)
  • New A.I. in season mode, when selecting riders (improved contestants selection when there are only a few riders for each team)
  • Several improvements in detailed simulation (Possibility to change the riders role in the bottom of the page and fixed the issue with the selection of a leader not registered in the race)
  • Fixed the number of riders affected to a training during season two and the following ones
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent to go through the listing of world championships
  • Fixed the list of winners : top 25 is displayed on important races
  • Fixed the goals difficulty for weak custom teams
  • Several improvements in multiplayer interface
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer when loading a season or stage race
  • Fixed a protection issue which detected the use of an emulation software
  • Fixed a simulation issue that could prevent to assign a leader or a sprinter
  • Fixed an issue with equipment that could previously stay on the default C1 configuration

Größe: 86,7 MByte
Sprache: mehrsprachig

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