IS 82 March Events & "Cessna Challenge Redux 7" no cut fly to finish!

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    At first we want to start to invite you for the weekly March events on the Interstate 82 Fun/Parcour Mod!


    All what you need is:

    Game Battlefield 1942

    bf1942.exe Patch: Download

    Interstate 82 Full Installer: Download

    Here we want to present you the five minutes no cut to finish session, made by -=TL=- FearofthedarkHU.
    Look at the amazing fly lesson art, it is like a rollercoaster for the cessna plane. It is a good map for learning the fly and to hunt enemy planes. The rock music sounds like japanese action music from the 90's gaming. But if you stay longer, the american sound spread out. Really cool sound, for an amazing fly.

    Here is the movie, download able or look able:

    Download the "Cessna Challenge Redux VII" map:

    How to install a map?
    At first extract the map on your desktop.
    After then put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\interstate\Archives\bf1942\levels\

    How to? Look at here, click or zoom the picture:


    Are you an Interstate 82 Parcour Hero like -=TL=- FearofthedarkHU.;-)
    What you waiting for? Got it! Hit it!

    This mod is played at the 00am CET time. The aim on this mod is to finish a parcour.There are different diffficult levels on this mod

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