Aliens: Colonial Marines : Der neue Patch verbessert die KI in Aliens: Colonial Marines. Der neue Patch verbessert die KI in Aliens: Colonial Marines. Das Entwicklerstudio Gearbox Software hat einen neuen Patch für die PC-Version des Shooters Aliens: Colonial Marines veröffentlicht. Das besagte Update steht ab sofort via Steam zum Download bereit und nimmt einige Änderungen vor.

Unter anderem hat das Team das KI-Verhalten sowohl der Aliens als auch der Marines etws überarbeitet. Des Weiteren ist der Schwierigkeitsgrad im sogenannten »Recruit«-Modus ab sofort etwas niedriger angesetzt. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes für Aliens: Colonial Marines


  • Adjusted melee encounter animations

  • Adjusted Xeno behavior to only allow for tail attacks when they’re on ceilings

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Xenos to walk upright on ceilings

  • Adjusted Lurker AI to retreat a bit after a close encounter

  • Fixed a bug where AI marines would occasionally default pose if incapacitated from a melee encounter

  • Fixed a bug where AI would still be targetable by Xenos while incapacitated

  • Changed the close encounter lighting to fade out instead of abruptly turning off

  • Addressed an issue where player weapons would possibly continue to fire during melee encounters

  • Adjusted the dissolve effect for Xeno head pieces and particles in Bug Hunt and multiplayer

  • Adjusted the attack angle for the Xeno tail stab to prevent stretching

  • Addressed an issue where Xeno gore effects would occasionally play twice

  • Addressed an issue with the ‘Eat This!’ achievement from not being unlocked when using the double-barreled flush gun

  • Addressed a rare crash bug when using interactive objects

  • Addressed an issue where the motion tracker ping would play when you didn’t have a motion tracker available

  • Addressed an issue where some particles would not appear when the World Detail slider was set to the minimum. NOTE: This may require some users to re-configure the World Detail slider (under Settings -> Video ) to ensure the setting is applied properly.


  • Adjusted “Recruit” difficulty to be easier. (Other difficulty options have not changed)


  • Adjusted a broken Extermination Point in Excavation

  • Addressed an issue in Extermination where the last two Extermination Points used would sometimes immediately reactivate

  • Addressed an issue that wouldn’t let you select spectator cameras when joining games in progress

Aliens: Colonial Marines
Im Kampagnenverlauf finden wie legendäre Waffen wie Vasquez' Smartgun.