Das Team von CCP Games hat jetzt den Patch 1.2 für das Online-Rollenspiel-Addon EVE Online: Incursion auf die Live-Server installiert. Das umfangreiche Update behebt unter anderem ein Problem mit dem Sound und nimmt diverse Änderungen an der Benutzeroberfläche vor. Außerdem wurde die Lokalisierung nochmals überarbeitet und von Unstimmigkeiten bereinigt. Im Folgenden finden Sie einen Auszug aus den Patch-Notes.

Auszug der Patch-Notes für EVE Online: Incursion v1.2

  • Blueprint copies and blueprint originals can now be searched independently by selecting the appropriate option in the Category drop-down.

  • Auction, Want to buy and Want to sell can now be searched independently

  • Security filters have been added allowing you to search any combination of high security, low security and null security space.

  • An "Auction" tag has been added to auction contracts to differentiate from Item Exchange.

  • Clicking an entry in the contracts search results will now highlight that entry.

  • Full result ordering and order direction are now combined into one drop-down box and moved to the top of the window in an attempt to clear up confusion between full-result (server-side) ordering and per-page (client-side) ordering. When the full-result drop-down box changes a search is initiated and the per-page sorting is changed to match.

  • Added buttons to toggle between 'detailed' view and 'list' view.

  • A new column, "Date Created" has been added.

  • "Find in contracts" has been removed from places where it doesn't belong. It should now follow "view market details" more closely.

  • If you change the per-page sorting it persists between searches until you change the results sorting.

  • The location drop-down now remembers your last five location searches between sessions.

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