Das Team von Hi-Rez Studios hat einen neuen Patch für den Online-Shooter Global Agenda veröffentlicht. Das Update steht exklusiv via Steam zum Download bereit und installiert sich beim nächsten Spielstart selbst. Unter anderem werden ein Fehler bei den AvA-Missionen behoben und die Produktionskosten angepasst. Die kompletten Patch-Notes finden Sie weiter unten in dieser Meldung.

Die Patch-Notes für Global Agenda

  • Bidding on unclaimed hexes now requires an 8 man strikeforce.

  • Successful steal missions against hexes now reduce the defender's Net Worth by 3x the previous amount.

  • Placing your HQ now builds up for 35-40 minutes before generating a production bonus. This applies to initial placement, relocation or when your HQ is lost. Place your HQ wisely and defend it at all costs!

  • Added new rules for loot distribution.

  • Changed season end messages.

  • Production costs (materials, research and production time) have been significantly reduced for the Tech 2 and 3 facilities.

  • The NA Weekday zone has been shifted from a 6:30 PM EST start time to a 7:30 PM EST start time to be consistent with the weekend zone.

  • Combat Alerts screen didn't show attacks and is fixed. Defenses still are not appearing correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where your agencies Net Worth was reduced when you lost items during an AvA mission. All Net Worth has been adjusted appropriately.

Global Agenda
Screenshot zum Patch 1.5