Über Steam steht der Patch 1.03 für den Scharfschützen-Shooter Sniper Elite V2zum Download bereit. Das Update liefert die beiden Karten »Opernplatz« und »Black Market« für den Team-Deathmath-Multiplayer. Außerdem soll die allgemeine Performance des Spiels verbessert werden. Die komplette Liste der Änderungen lesen Sie im Folgenden.

Patch-Notes für Sniper Elite V2 v1.03

  • Fixed failure to progress beyond the lobby in peer games after playing a dedicated server game.

  • Player names in lobby chat are no longer coloured according to the player's current team.

  • Player HUD now hidden on death.

  • Dedicated server - max players can now be set before adding any maps to the rotation.

  • Kill notifications should no longer occasionally show the wrong victim or killer.

  • Wind now correctly disabled when set to None in the server settings.

  • A new best shot score or best shot distance in an individual session will no longer overwrite the best for all sessions (unless it is the best overall).

  • When dead in multiplayer, input in the game menu will no longer be used to respawn the player.

  • Multiplayer server list now populates while searching, instead of only when the search completes.

  • Multiplayer game time now only starts when the warmup time has elapsed.

  • Fixed player getting stuck in the carrying pose if a body is dropped while falling.

  • Fixed corruption of player stats after multiple leaderboard updates.

  • Attempting to join a passworded server through the Steam overlay or friend invites will now bring up the password entry box.

  • Player connection and disconnection notices now shown in the chatbox.

  • Various optimisations for people experiencing lower framerates in the full game than in the demo.

  • Distance King kill notifications now show the correct score for the game mode instead of the single player score.

  • Fire in the Church map will no longer cause instant death on one-hit-kill servers.

  • Improved performance/FPS across "Church" multiplayer map.

  • Added "-60Hz" command line option to force a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, for users who find the game always boots into an unsupported resolution in fullscreen mode.

  • All unlocked levels are now available in the co-op lobby screen, to resolve progression blocker after Flak Tower.

Sniper Elite V2
Eben haben wir den feindlichen Soldaten noch durch unser Scharfschützengewehr gesehen. Jetzt zeigt uns die Kill-Cam im Detail, wie unsere abgefeuerte Kugel beim Gegner eintrifft.