F1 2010 - Patch v1.01 zum Download

Nach dem holprigen Start der Formel 1-Simulation F1 2010, soll das erste Update auf v1.01 deutliche Verbesserungen bringen.

von Hanno Neuhaus,
03.11.2010 11:38 Uhr

Trotz guter Wertungen hatte F1 2010mit einigen Startschwierigkeiten zu kämpfen. So konnte ein verbuggter Boxenstopp die Spieler so manches mal ein sicher gewonnenes Rennen kosten. Auch die Strafwertungen waren nicht immer gerechtfertigt. Mit dem jüngst veröffentlichten Patch sollten diese Fehler der Vergangenheit angehören. Es häufen sich aber die Meldungen, dass nach wie vor nicht alle Probleme mit dem Spiel behoben seien oder dass das Spiel nach der Installation des Updates sogar überhaupt nicht mehr läuft. Wir werden in dieser Angelegenheit weiter recherchieren und halten Sie auf dem Laufenden.

Patch-Notes zu F1 2010 v1.01

• "Pit-in" OSD indicator now appears after the player is advised to pit to repair car damage

• A number of shadowing improvements have been added

• Amended the time trial penalty system so that only players cutting the final corner on certain tracks will have their subsequent lap times invalidated

• Balanced the effects of the drying line created by cars when in a wet race

• Balancing improvements have been made to AI drivers to prevent unexpected race results

• Corrected an issue AI cars would not attempt to move out of the player's way when under a blue flag on an in / out lap during practice and qualifying session

• Corrected an issue where ABS would become enabled when selecting to "drive out" out of the pit lane in a race weekend

• Corrected an issue where AI cars would fail to respond appropriately when cars were either side of them in a corner

• Corrected an issue where AI cars would not be required to pit in a mandatory pit race after the use of a flashback

• Corrected an issue where AI times were being reported incorrectly on the first lap

• Corrected an issue where AI were being disqualified during wet races in Montreal

• Corrected an issue where car driving style was defaulting to "Wet" in network sessions

• Corrected an issue where damage to AI cars was being inconsistently applied

• Corrected an issue where disqualified AI cars would cause network races to end prematurely

• Corrected an issue where disqualified drivers were displayed in the incorrect order in the online race results screen

• Corrected an issue where flashback would become disabled after resetting to track

• Corrected an issue where incorrect race positions were reported in a network race after terminal damage had occurred

• Corrected an issue where lap and split times would be displayed incorrectly after flashing back to before the start/finish line

• Corrected an issue where pit engineer would fail to remind you to pit on mandatory pit stop races

• Improvements have been made to the pitting process to prevent the player getting stuck.

• Corrected an issue where positions of AI cars in a network race would be incorrectly displayed after a player quit the session

• Corrected an issue where punctured tyres would be carried across to subsequent sessions in a race weekend

• Corrected an issue where race strategy would fail to update correctly after the player manually selected a different starting tyre choice

• Corrected an issue where research path choice was not being carried over to subsequent season

• Corrected an issue where save data is reported corrupted

• Corrected an issue where sessions in progress would appear on the server list after quitting a network session

• Corrected an issue where some AI cars using a single-stop strategy would not pit during a mandatory pit stop race

• Corrected an issue where the dynamic racing line would not display correctly if the grip conditions changed

• Corrected an issue where the incorrect car name could be displayed above cars in the Grand Prix menu after completing a Time Trial race

• Corrected an issue where the player is told to copy their team mate's car setup

• Corrected an issue where the player was able to pass through other cars after restarting a session

• Corrected an issue where yellow flags would continue to be displayed for cars that had been removed from the race in network sessions

• Corrected an issue where user would be penalised for overtaking pitted AI cars when under yellow flag

• Made penalties less likely to be awarded after spinning out on the track

• OSD now displays time gap between cars on the sector and lap split times

• Reduced the frequency of penalty warnings given for minor collisions

• Reduced the frequency of punctures received from standard tyre wear

• Sector times for the car on pole position is now shown in the split times on the OSD

• Tuned the grip properties of the tyre compounds in different weather conditions

• A number of localisation issues have been resolved.

• Added benchmark mode from graphics menu

• Added native support for the “Leo Bodnar SLI-Pro steering wheel controller” circuit board

• Added support for AMD Eyefinity / Nvidia surround multiple monitor modes

• Added support for crossfire / SLI and multicore GPUs.

• Added support for DirectX 11

• Added support for Intel SandyBridge processor and graphics

• Added support for the Thrustmaster GT Experience steering wheel

• Additional (D-Box) motion platform support during pit stops

• AI cars now correctly reduce speed when damaged

• Changed default laps of fuel in practice and qualifying sessions to 10 and 5 respectively

• Corrected an issue where (D-Box) motion platform would stop functioning after using a flashback

• Corrected an issue where drivers of ghost cars became solid at certain camera angles

• Corrected an issue where force feedback would remain applied when restarting a session with full wheel lock used

• Corrected an issue where the driver head would bob extremely violently on certain machines

• Enabled access to the Advanced Wheel Options for all users

• The replay file can now be saved as an external file and played back within the game

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