Star Wars: Battlefront : Star Wars: Battlefront sind seit dem Beta-Test zahlreiche Änderungen widerfahren. Eine Zusammenfassung gibt es nun in Form von Patchnotes. Star Wars: Battlefront sind seit dem Beta-Test zahlreiche Änderungen widerfahren. Eine Zusammenfassung gibt es nun in Form von Patchnotes.

Zum Thema Star Wars Battlefront für 14,99 € bei In den vergangenen Wochen hat das Entwicklerstudio DICE hier und da bereits durchblicken lassen, welche Dinge an Star Wars: Battlefront seit dessen Beta-Test noch verändert und verbessert wurden. So gab es etwa Balancing-Anpassungen an den Helden, Änderungen am Freischalt-Level verschiedener Blaster und Star-Cards sowie allgemeine Optimierungen an Waffenschaden, Spawns und Vehikeln.

Zur offiziellen Veröffentlichung von Star Wars: Battlefront am 19. November 2015 haben die Entwickler jetzt noch einmal alle seit der Beta-Phase vorgenommenen Änderungen in den Release-Patchnotes zusammengefasst.

Unter anderem gibt es einige Änderungen an der Steuerung. So lässt sich die Bekegung der L1/R1- und der L2/R2-Buttons auf der PlayStation 4 konfigurieren und die Musik im Spiel kann nun über das Optionsmenü ausgeschaltet werden. Außerdem gibt es englich Joystick-Support auf dem PC und es wurden zahlreiche Fehler behoben.

Patchnotes der Release-Version

Partner and Party System:

  • Added support for joining a friend via the Xbox Friends app

  • You can now see your party friends in-game (green), but you cannot spawn on them

  • Improved Partner system to handle joins and disconnects more gracefully


  • Added combat areas that are different for Rebels and Imperials to mitigate spawn camping (Hoth)

  • Added combat areas to protect Rebels spawn points from being pushed in by AT-ST's (Hoth)

  • Spawn distances for Rebels and Imperials have been adjusted on the first uplink (Hoth)

  • Changed where Rebel spawns during the 2nd Y-wing bombing run (Hoth)

  • Improved the safety of Rebel spawns from AT-AT attacks during the 3rd uplink phase (Hoth)


  • The ability to change L1/R1 with L2/R2 button configuration can be done via the PlayStation 4 system options

  • Complete re-tweak of mouse controls when using a ground vehicle

  • Starfighters mouse control is changed from the beta to help with having to lift mouse while flying

  • Joystick support confirmed for PC (This functionality was not available within the Beta)


  • Music can be turned off now


  • Stationary turrets and deployable turrets have been adjusted to their final settings as their beta performance was not representative of their final operation

  • AT-AT weak spot added under the belly

  • AT-ST weak spot added on the back plate

  • Added a shield to Blaster Cannon

  • Tweaked the time of a new AT-AT card to spawn after the last active player is forced out

  • Added graphical UI to better show when the AT-AT time is up for the player

  • Blaster cannon 3rd person camera is improved in smaller areas with low ceilings

  • Vehicles tooltips added

  • Added in-world UI for mounted vehicles if a player looks at them

  • Moved Rebel vehicle pickups closer to Rebel spawns


  • Cycler Rifle has been balanced with bullet drop and slower projectile speed for more deserving kills.

  • Weapon tool-tips added

General Gameplay:

  • Damage Balancing done in these areas to separate each type of weapon

  • Vehicles vs. vehicles

  • Soldiers vs. vehicles and Star Cards and charges vs vehicles

  • ION weapons vs. vehicles

  • Tweaked cooldown timers for Star Cards based on feedback from the Open Beta

  • Added in-world icon to friendly Proximity Bombs

  • Improved 3rd person camera collision

  • Overhaul to remove soldier collision problems on various levels

  • Orbital strike marker now becomes red if the player is unable to fire at a certain location

  • Online traffic performance improvements

  • Various text fixes for all languages

  • General bug fixes for both Missions and Multiplayer

  • Stationary turrets received a bit more balancing after Beta feedback (Time to rotate the turret and overheating setting.)

  • Removed Tie interceptors for the Empire during the 3rd Uplink phase (Walker Assault Hoth)

Matchmaking and Team Balancing:

  • Fine-tuned server configurations based on Beta data and community feedback to offer a better player experience


  • Major overhaul of players getting stuck in the levels


  • Damage over time when being a hero is removed

  • Health back on kills is removed

  • Automatic random deflecting is removed

  • Luke Skywalker's Saber Rush has a slower speed and a bit shorter distance

  • Darth Vader's Saber Throw length is reduced

  • Heroes now can damage vehicles and equipment more easily

  • Tweaked the time of a hero Power-ups to spawn after the last hero dies

  • Added "locking on to players" tooltip to Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker

  • Greatly improved and fixed bugs in the Hero intro sequences

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Lightsabers could become invisible

  • Fixed a bug where hit boxes were not covering the heroes correctly

  • Fixed a bug where emoting made the player immortal during the sequence

  • Fixed a bug where Star Card charges were not working correctly after being emptied and then filled up again

  • Fixed a bug where the partner system did not add and remove partners correctly

  • Fixed a bug where picked up charges were not shown in the player's inventory properly

  • Fixed a bug where "Press E/X/Square" to switch out a power up did not show when walking over a power up on the battlefront when a power up was already equipped

  • Fixed a bug where Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader could kill players through thin walls using different powers

  • Fixed a bug where Darth Vader's Saber Throw did not always hit if the player was crouching

  • Fixed a bug where the orbital strike UI inside the AT-AT did not move or show at all

  • Fixed a bug where you could TOW-cable 2 AT-ATs at the same time or destroy the one that is not being towed

  • Fixed bug where players could get a soft freeze (stuck) after exiting the AT-AT

  • Fixed a bug where you could emote and attack as a Hero

  • Fixed a bug where the trait card UI did not show the correct text when leveling up

  • Fixed a bug where headshots did not do the correct damage against Heroes

  • Fixed a bug where ION grenades did not trigger properly against AT-ATs and AT-STs

  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in the vehicle activation animation

  • Fixed a bug where ION charge did no damage to AT-ATs from distance

  • Fixed a bug where Heroes could use some powers after they were dead until they de-spawned

  • Fixed a bug with Jump Pack effects

  • Fixed a bug where changing Field of View on PC did not update directly in-game on soldiers or vehicles without switching cameras

  • Fixed a bug where dead players would block grenades above them for a long time, making grenades bounce back to the thrower

  • Fixed a bug where players could have the wrong outline colors

  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck on the downed AT-AT on Hoth

  • Fixed a bug where exiting a vehicle when it crashed caused a soft freeze (stuck)

  • Fixed a bug where turrets would randomly shoot straight up in the air

  • Fixed a bug where Rebels experienced a long delay when getting into turrets

  • Fixed a bug where crosshairs were not aligned on turrets

  • Fixed a bug where players creating a party with more than 2 players would get kicked from the server

  • Fixed a bug where the matchmaking system was splitting groups of 3+

  • Fixed a bug where players didn't have the option to join a partner/as a team when trying to join partner's game

  • Fixed loading screen showing the incorrect game mode/map

  • Fixed issues with "Join Friend" where you wouldn't end up on the same team

  • Fixed several issues with party matchmaking and getting stuck on the "searching" screen

  • Fixed issue with joining an almost full game on Xbox One where you would get kicked out of the game immediately

  • Fixed a bug for when you click "Join Friend" and the screen displays you in same lobby. When game starts you're in a different server from friend

  • General crash and stability fixes

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