Beautiful emptiness

Far Cry 2 : Ubisoft's Africa is beautiful. Savannah, steppe, desert and jungle alternate without looking artificial. There's also a weather system with rain and storms and a dynamic change of day and night. But life in all its glory is missing most of the time. There are zebras, gnus and water buffaloes, some chickens and a goat here and there, but that's it. Human civilians can only be seen when delivering the forged passports.

Otherwise there are only guards and the places the missions lead you to. If you move away from the routes, you may find a hut with one of the 221 suitcases containing diamonds or a tape recording by the Jackal. While the diamonds are useful to buy or improve weapons, the tapes are just there to add to the atmosphere. The language diversity is great. Your enemies use all kinds of languages to threaten or curse you, from Spanish or Russian to African languages, but most of it doesn't make much sense anyway.
You are served lots of names, events and facts which are impossible to sort out because there is no logical story. One of the most reasonable sentences it the whole game is probably the one Flora uttered at the beginning: "Get it over with!". But Far Cry 2 didn't listen.

Limited Installation

Ubisoft is using Securom to control the number of installations. One game may be installed five times on three different machines. Your PC has to be connected to the internet during installation, but not while playing the game. Once you uninstall Far Cry 2, you'll get back one possible installation, but you have to be connected to the internet, too. Hardware upgrade won't interfere with existing installations.

Conclusion: Exciting combats without mind and background story.

Ranking: 82