Ship Simulator Extremes - Patch 1.2.2 zum Download

Das Team von VStep behebt mit dem Patch 1.2.2 einige Fehler in der Simulation Ship Simulator Extremes.

von Andre Linken,
05.10.2010 13:44 Uhr

Der Entwickler VStep hat den Patch v1.2.2 für die Simulation Ship Simulator Extremesveröffentlicht. Das Update führt unter anderem eine Tutorial-Mission ein und behebt diverse Fehler. Zudem wurden einige Änderungen an der Benutzeroberfläche vorgenommen. Im Folgenden finden Sie die kompletten Patch-Notes.

Patch-Notes für Ship Simulator Extremes v1.2.2

  • Added buoys to environments
  • Added VHF radio chatter
  • Added functional camera reset (orbit, walkthrough, helmsman).
  • Added orbit camera panning with middle-mouse button
  • Added functionality when in walkthrough mode, secondary ship controls are available
  • Added free-roam traffic (optional)
  • Added Billy Green as ship in free roaming
  • Improved walkthrough up-stairs speed
  • Improved ocean performance
  • Added option to turn off damage in free roaming
  • Fixed an issue when enabling log files they would cause user to end up in a virtual store folder
  • Fixed an issue where joystick deadzones would reset the control
  • Fixed various smaller issues
  • Added tutorial mission
  • Added lifeboats on Orient Star
  • Added lifeboats on Pride of Rotterdam
  • Added smoke from exhausts
  • Added barge connection points
  • Improved several bridges (layouts/controls)
  • Improved damage and collisions (less sensitive)
  • Improved water cannon power for smaller ships
  • Fixed Jumbo Javelin walkthrough on bridge
  • Fixed azipod controllers can turn 360 degrees
  • Fixed a visual artifact where bow splashes were being cut off
  • Fixed an issue where deployable navigation lights are kept on when boarding the parent ship
  • Fixed an issue where deployables might not start in the correct position
  • Added option to show/hide bridge controls in helmsman and walkthrough cam (default key is 'c')
  • Improved Bugsier 2 controls and able to rotate 360 degrees
  • Improved ship dynamics
  • Improved navigation light configurations
  • Improved initial ship positions on start of mission
  • Fixed RedJet4 walkthrough start position
  • Fixed an issue with the near clipping plane on small ships
  • Added current time and elapsed time on GUI
  • Added wind indicator on conning display
  • Fixed DTW in nautical miles
  • Improved loading screens
  • Improved showing/hiding of GUI (default key is 'tab')

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