Ship Simulator Extremes - Patch 1.3.0 zum Download

Der Patch 1.3.0 für die Simulation Ship Simulator Extremes bietet unter anderem neue Features.

Der Entwickler VStep hat den Patch 1.3.0 für die Simulation Ship Simulator Extremes veröffentlicht. Das umfangreiche Update enthält unter anderem einige neue Features, verbessert die allgemeine Performance des Spiels und behebt diverse Fehler. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie im Anschluss an diese Meldung.

Patch-Notes für Ship Simulator Extremes v1.3.0

* New Feature: Mission Editor is now available from the main menu. Manual available from the Windows Start menu.
* New Feature: Antialiasing functionality is now accessible from options -> graphics -> quality settings menu
* New Feature: Shortcut in Windows Start menu to access game photo folder
* New Feature: Added navigation lights on bouys
* New Feature: Cinematic in-game camera added. Select from camera GUI. LMB click to set camera location, LMB click again to set camera height.
* Performance Improvement: Allow the game to allocate more memory, upto 3GB, on 64-bit systems
* Performance Improvement: Duplicate mission behaviour; just the duplicate mission will be omitted and the user will get notified in the main menu
* Performance Improvement: Allow more parts of the game to run in a separate thread, optimizing performance
* Visual Improvements: Lightened up the night, Brighter ambient colours, More prominent reflections, Buoy navlights
* Fixed an issue where a duplicate file could interfere with several menu's in-game
* Fixed an issue where mission savegames could corrupt ship controls
* Various smaller bugfixes
* Mission Editor added
* Updated Feature: added multiselecttool
* Updated Feature: double-click anywhere in the environment to center the camera's focus point there.
* Added depth display ranges
* More realistic buoy positioning
* New Feature: Added bollards to freeroaming in all environments
* Improved freeroam traffic pathfinding
* Fixed an issue where autopilot would incorrectly warn about other ships
* Fixed and added better descriptions for several mission objectives
* New Feature: Added anchor chains and dropping anchors
* New Feature: multiple helmsman cameras on appropriate ships, cycle through them with the GUI or the shortcut key (2)
* New Feature: helmsman camera panning, use default camera panning actions to pan the camera left or right
* New Feature: Added functionality for SS08-style controlling, using dual throttles by moving the center of the levers
* New Feature: Added working Bridge-wing controls
* New Feature: Moving indicators on ship bridges (rpms, rudder angles)
* New Feature: Moving radar on bridge monitors
* New Feature: Rowboat deployables on Red Eagle
* New Feature: Navigation light state 'fishing'
* New Feature: Option to switch a Ferry's general direction
* Improved tighter mooring ropes (tighter)
* Improved performance of ship update
* Improved smoke particles on most ships
* Improved ship dynamics
* Improved navigation lights
* Improved mouse-response for controls
* Improved ship bridge layouts
* Improved ship bridge control types
* Fixed and added several missing hull ship names
* Fixed an issue where controls on several ships could interfere with eachother (mouse/keyboard)
* Fixed an issue and made walkthrough run mode functional again
* Fixed an issue with collision of the Red Eagle
* Fixed an issue where the GUI indicator would display negative (port) values while they should be positive (starboard)
* Improved network ship dynamics
* Improved stability
* Fixed an issue where the ocean state was not syncronized among peers
* Fixed an issue where the in-game time was reset upon rejoining a session

Größe: 332,3 MByte
Sprache: mehrsprachig

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