X: Rebirth - Patch 1.25 und Patch-Video

Egosoft hat über Steam das Update 1.25 für das Weltraumspiel X: Rebirth veröffentlicht. Der Patch behebt Fehler und fügt neue Funktionen ein. Außerdem werden einige letzten Änderungen im Video erklärt.

von Christian Fritz Schneider,
26.02.2014 17:45 Uhr

X: Rebirth - Patch-Trailer zum Update 1.25 5:48 X: Rebirth - Patch-Trailer zum Update 1.25

Das Entwickler-Team Egosoft hat die Version 1.25 von X: Rebirth auf Steam hochgeladen. Das Update für das Weltraumspiel bringt unter anderem die Möglichkeit eigene Raumschiffe und Stationen umzubenennen, außerdem wurde das Smalltalk-Feature überarbeitet. Ansonsten kümmert sich der Patch um jede Menge kleinere Fehler im Spiel. Weitere Details zu den wichtigsten Änderungen dieses und der letzten Updates gibt es außerdem in einem kommentierten Video-Beitrag von Egosoft-Chef Bernd Lehahn und auf der offiziellen Webseite.

Patch-Notes zu X: Rebirth v1.25

• New Feature: Player-owned ships and stations can now be renamed.

• New Feature: Smalltalk reward allowing you to receive trade offer updates for a station remotely.

• Added logbook entries for refuelling, trade and building.

• Added call from manager when a station is low on credits.

• Added ship name when player gets a call requiring a response from a player owned ship.

• Fixed a cause of occasional crashes when loading savegame.

• Fixed a cause of occasional crashes during large battles.

• Fixed several other causes of occasional crashes.

• Fixed another cause of the game hanging after Alt-Tab.

• Added prices for small ships so that these can now be sold.

• Cargo value is now taken into account when selling a ship; you get roughly half it's value.

• Fixed price calculations for intermediate wares.

• Fixed two causes of disappearing ships and one of ships ending up in strange places.

• Fixed certain station elements being rotated incorrectly after loading a savegame.

• Fixed problem with random station elements being built and preventing further building.

• Fixed problem with small ships preventing building.

• Fixed problem with drones not being able to dock at certain mining ships.

• Fixed incorrect container amount being dropped from cargo drones.

• Fixed another issue with cargo collection.

• Fixed buy offers for more wares than can be stored.

• Fixed player being able to start multiple boarding operations on the same ship.

• Fixed abort button for boarding operations.

• Fixed info and comm options for externally docked ships.

• Fixed issue with operational range settings resulting in ships looking for trades in the wrong places.

• Improved station-owned mining ship AI to prevent station from filling with more resources than it wants.

• Improved shooting logic for NPC ships (more improvements to come).

• Fixed a problem resulting in inactive patrol ships.

• Fixed a problem with NPC beam weapons not firing correctly.

• Fixed tag darts occasionally tagging something other than their intended target.

• Added inter-system traders to DeVries.

• Fixed station scan mode remaining active when it shouldn't.

• Fixed rare case resulting in missing info points and dock icons.

• Fixed subordinate count in orders menu.

• Fixed incorrect trade status in ship menu.

• Fixed "+" button not working in map menu under certain circumstances.

• Fixed sold ships and collected drones being displayed as destroyed in the logbook.

• Added missing descriptions for systems to encyclopedia.

• Improved rewards after successful smalltalk on platforms, including trade subscriptions.

• Improved dialog structure to find people on platforms.

• Fixed missing architect on plot builder ship.

• Fixed player being sent to a hostile NPC when asking for directions.

• Fixed ships not in player squad requesting player input when out of fuel.

• Fixed visual flicker when returning to the cockpit from a platform.

• Fixed location of visor/glasses on certain NPCs.

• Fixed missing physics data when loading a savegame.

• Added graphics settings for SSAO, Glow and Distortion.

• Fixed incorrect display of certain options in graphics menu.

• Fixed incorrect resolutions when changing displays in borderless mode.

• Improved stability of job system and patch code with modified games.

• Added support for catalog files in mods.

• Added Korean localisation (text only).

• Added Spanish localisation (text only, incomplete but included to enable feedback to translators).

• Further optimisations resulting in small performance improvements, particularly on lower-end graphics hardware.


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