Download Art:Patch Version:v1.03 Größe:60,0 MByte Sprache:mehrsprachig Downloads:5591 Download » Jetzt Downloaden Ein halbes Jahr nach der Veröffentlichung des letzten Patches zum Ego-Shooter Far Cry 2 hat Ubisoft mit einem weiteren Update nachgelegt. Der knapp 60 MByte große Patch mit der Versionsnummer 1.03 optimiert in erster Linie den Multiplayer-Modus. So werden unter anderem die Zerstörungskraft verschiedener Waffen reduziert, ein so genannter Hardcore-Modus integriert und kleinere Bugs beseitigt.

Die komplette (englische) Liste der einzelnen Änderungen im Überblick:

Allgemeine Änderungen:

  • A new server software has been created. Please consult the FC2ServerLauncher_ReadMe.txt file in the \bin folder for further documentation.

  • Fixed a bug with the "Jackal tapes" accounting

Änderungen im Multiplayer-Modus:

  • Made most weapons slightly more accurate

  • Slightly extended length of the short-range damage category for most weapons

  • Reduced the damage of all sniper weapons

  • Reduced the damage of the MGL-140 grenades

  • Reduced the damage of the M79 grenades

  • Reduced the damage of the IED

  • Reduced damage stim of the flamethrower by 1 step

  • Added hardcore mode in the Advanced Options page. Weapons will do more damage and enemy names will be hidden after the invincibility period.

  • Players are now displayed by XP order in the scoreboard.

  • Allow players to rejoin the host after a ranked match.

  • Allow the minimum player settings to be changed from the lobby.

  • Allow force launch in ranked match.

  • Fixed an issue with the launch map button which was displayed too low on some SDTV (480i - 4:3).

  • Fixed a crash in menu browser when returning to a parent menu page while searching for a match.

  • Fixed initial rank and XP replication.

  • Limit to one class reset per game.

  • Now possible to play a map from the downloadable content with the dedicated server.

  • Now possible to include an approved custom map in ranked games.

  • Added a quick search option for ranked approved custom maps.

  • Fix IED (improvise explosive devices) destruction

  • Review game start conditions, there will be only 2 start conditions

  • No vote in progress

  • At least the minimum player required number must be ready