Download Art:Patch Version:v1.05 Größe:7,2 MByte Sprache:mehrsprachig Downloads:153 Download » Jetzt Downloaden Der neue Patch 1.05 für das Top-Down-Actionspiel Shadowgrounds bringt alle bisherigen Versionen des Spiels zusammen und entfernt den Kopierschutz und behebt technische Fehler sowie Gameplay-Probleme.

  • Animated monsters now remain dead even if they are triggered to act (in New Atlantis for example)

  • Game is able to create statistics correctly (for modders)

  • Two fixes related to video playback (might fix all of the remaining video issues)

  • Building blocks added so that gamers can play mods properly without having the level editor installed

  • Fixed bugs related to 45 degree walls and the player getting stuck

  • "Help" command to let players quickly get around all kinds of "stuck" problems (it allows ghost mode for 5 seconds)

  • Minor text box graphics fix for mission2

  • Some English grammar fixes

  • Removal of all copy protection, making it a ‘one-patch-fix-all’ for every version