Download Art:Patch Version:v1.0.1.4 Größe:26,9 MByte Sprache:mehrsprachig Downloads:244 Download » Jetzt Downloaden Knapp einen Monat nach dem Release des Strategiespiels Blood Bowl hat Entwickler Cyanide Studios den mittlerweile dritten Patch veröffentlicht. Das 26 MByte große und für alle Sprachversionen geeignete Update mit der Versionsnummer v1.0.1.4 behebt einige Bugs im Multiplayer-Modus und fügt neue Optionen hinzu.

Das englischsprachige Change-Log sieht folgendermaßen aus:

  • Players with the Chainsaw skill can't use Frenzy nor Multiple Block

  • Knocked Out players with the Secret Weapon skill are now correctly sent off by referee at the start of a drive

  • Blitzing with a knocked down player now correctly uses Blitz

  • Fixed characteristic increase skills not working in some case

  • Casualty SPPs are now properly awarded when apothecary is used on a casualty

  • Added a limited number of in-game pauses in multiplayer

  • Journeymen are now added before petty cash

  • Teams can hire Star Players in the open league

  • Private league owner can now change results of current day's games even if games have been played

  • Regional public rooms have been added in the multiplayer lobby

  • A multiplayer game where one of the player disconnects at the loading screen should now be discarded

  • Multisampling has been set to 1 in the option