Mythos - Update bringt tägliche Quests

Frogster ergänzt das kostenlos spielbare Action-Rollenspiel Mythos mit dem jüngsten Patch um tägliche Quests, um für Missionsnachschub zu sorgen.

von Christian Fritz Schneider,
04.07.2011 10:29 Uhr

Die täglichen Quests sollen der Auftragsarmut in Mythos entgegenwirken. Die täglichen Quests sollen der Auftragsarmut in Mythos entgegenwirken.

In unserem Test zu Mythos haben wir unter anderem die Questarmut bemängelt, es fehlte bislang oft an Aufgaben. Dieses Problem will der Betreiber des Free2Play-Spiels Frogster nun angehen und hat - wie angekündigt - ein Patch für Mythosveröffentlicht, der tägliche Quests einfügt. Jeder Spieler bekommt nun also Tag für Tag automatisch drei Aufgaben gestellt.

Mal muss ein Bossgegner besiegt, mal müssen Monstergruppen zerschlagen oder ein besonderer Gegenstand gefunden werden. In jedem Fall gibt es Ingame-Währung und Erfahrungspunkte. Wer alle drei Daily-Quests abschließt, bekommt einen Erfahrungspunktebonus von 50 Prozent auf alle Monsterkills in den nächsten 30 Minuten.

Das jüngste Mythos-Update liefert aber nicht nur die täglichen Quests. Der Patch behebt auch einige Fehler und nimmt Änderungen am Upgrade-System für Items vor. Die offiziellen Infos zum Patch lesen Sie im Folgenden.

Patch-Notes zu Mythos

New Features

The Daily Quest System

* The Daily Quest system offers 3 additional quests per day to all players from character level 15 to 50
* There are three different types of Daily Quests:
o Collect monster drops
o Kill a boss
o Find items
* The reward for completing the Daily Quests is in-game currency and XP.
* If you complete all three Daily Quests within one day, you get a temporary XP buff: +50% XP for killing monsters for 30 minutes (for the introduction of the Daily Quest system, we are running a special promotion that gives you this buff for 2 hours).
* You can reset the Daily Quest count using the item "Daily Quest Reset", which is available in the Item Shop. This allows you to perform three more DQs.
* By activating a second Daily Quest buff, you update the current time to max. 2 hours.

Item Upgrade System

* Some changes have been made to the item upgrade system.
* You can see the currently possible numbers of smeltings, enchantments, and sockets in the items' descriptions as the first step of the big item upgrade system overhaul. More information on upcoming improvements to follow soon.
* Amount of in-game currency you pay for enchanting, for the sockets, and for smelting has been reduced.
* All changes are only effective on items that drop after this patch.
* Enchantment
o You can enchant your items 4 instead of 3 times.
o You can double the stats of your items. Example: If your weapon gives +5 to Strength, you can get an additional +5 to Strength (for a total of +10).
o For weapons above level 40 (monster drop items), you can get even higher stats.
* Smelting
o Smelting: The necessary materials for item smelting have been changed to materials that can be received easily through "Item Dismantling".
o There is now a limit on how many times weapons/armour can be smelted, depending on the item grade:
+ Up to 10 times for White, Green, and Blue items
+ Up to 15 times for Purple, Orange, and Yellow items
* Socketing
o The maximum number of sockets on items has been changed:
+ For armour: 2 (in preparation for upcoming changes, the maximum number of sockets has been reduced from 3 to 2 for all armour items that drop after this patch)

Item Shop

* Daily Quest Reset
o You can reset your Daily Quest count and perform three more Daily Quests.

Bug Fixes

* Correction of the problem with moving Crafting Materials to Inventory
o Now it is possible for Crafting Materials to be moved not only to the Materials Inventory, but to Additional Inventory as well.
* Correction of Achievement Description Error
o I Hate Cyclopes: The description error "+4 to Vitality" has been changed to "+4 to Strength".
* Correction of Dungeon trap difficulty mode at the Ruins.
o The stone statue destruction mode to stop the fire trap on the 3rd floor at Ferus' Old Shrine has been changed.
o The stone statue is now able to receive not only short-range damage, but also long-range damage. So we can now use long-range attacks to damage the statues, which was not possible before.
* Revision of Quest Item Drop Rate
o There is now a higher chance that the "Old Book" item from the quest "Unlimited Curiosity!" will be dropped.

Known Issues

* Some Daily Quests cannot be accomplished, e.g. you can't get some of the required items.
o Work-around: Abandon the quest, log out, log back in, and you can get a new daily quest from the Daily Quest Bulletin Board. Repeat this until you have a working quest.
* Copy and Paste of user name and password currently not possible when logging in to the server.

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