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Hydrophobia Prophecy - PC-Umsetzung für Mai 2011 angekündigt

Der Entwickler Dark Energy Digital will das Action-Adventure Hydrophobia unter dem Titel Hydrophobia Prophecy mit neuen Inhalten und vielen Verbesserungen Anfang Mai über Steam und das Playstation-Network veröffentlichen

von Christian Fritz Schneider,
26.04.2011 17:05 Uhr

Hydrophobia erscheint auf dem PC in einer erweiterten Version unter dem Titel Hydrophobia Prophecy. Hydrophobia erscheint auf dem PC in einer erweiterten Version unter dem Titel Hydrophobia Prophecy.

Das Action-Adventure Hydrophobia ist bereits seit September 2010 als Download-Spiel über Xbox Live Arcade verfügbar. Nun wird der Entwickler Dark Energy Digital den Titel unter dem Namen Hydrophobia Prophecyals kostenpflichtiges Download-Spiel für PC und Playstation 3 veröffentlichen. Die PC-Version von Hydrophobia Prophecy soll schon am 9. Mai 2011 erscheinen, die PS3-Fassung etwas später. Über Steam soll das Spiel für rund 10 US-Dollar (7 Euro) angeboten werden.

In Hydrophobia Prophecy schlüpft der Spieler in der Rolle der Ingeneurin Kate Wilson und kämpft im 21. Jahrhundert an Bord des Schiffs Queen of the World gegen Malthusians-Terroristen. Diese wollen nach dem Motto »Rette die Welt - töte dich selbst!« möglichst viele Menschen töten, um gegen die Überbevölkerung der Erde anzukämpfen. Die spielerische Besonderheit von Hydrophobia ist die HydroEngine, die Wasser und andere Flüssigkeiten realitätsnah berechnet und so zum beeinflussbaren Spielelement macht.

Im Vergleich zur Xbox-Version liefert Hydrophobia Prophecy viele neue Inhalte und technische Verbesserungen. So wurde unter anderem die Grafikengine und die Wasserberechnung überarbeitet. Auch bei der Bedienung und sogar bei der Story haben die Entwickler nachgebessert, so gibt es unter anderem neue Level und ein neues Story-Ende. Die komplette und sehr lange Liste der Änderungen aus der englischen Originalmeldung haben wir im Folgenden aufgelistet. Hydrophobia Prophecy enthält daneben auch die Verbesserungen aus dem Pure-Patch, der bereits die Xbox-Version aufgewertet hat.

Hydrophobia Prophecy - Screenshots ansehen

Neuerungen von Hydrophobia Prophecy


Enhanced Graphics Engine
• Enhanced environmental lighting throughout the game
• High resolution textures
• Updated video texture work
• Hugely improved particle systems throughout the game
• Depth of field effects implemented
• MLAA anti-aliasing
• Improved lighting and shadowing solutions

HydroEngine Enhancements

HydroEngine Graphical Improvements
• Enhanced character DripMapping technology
• Improved reflection and refraction mapping
• Enhancement underwater visual effects
• Underwater depth of field effect
• Enhanced particle system and improved performance
• New high resolution RippleMap simulation responds to characters and objects

Improved Movement and Animations
• Jump distance more accurate relative to movement speed
• Added stationary jump
• Speed of movement through vents increased and animations improved
• Speed of movement with MAVI increased
• Various animations refined to provide better feedback

Narrative and Backstory

Character and dialogue
• Scoot character remodelled
• Scoot character recast, now played by Oliver Vaquer (GTA: Liberty City Stories, The Warriors, Law & Order)
• Characterisation improved with remastered voice acting and additional scenes
• Mila characters role has been enhanced with compelling new scenes

Storyline enhanced and completed
• Dramatic new plot points shed light on the back story and the Prophecy of Malthus
• New in game video communications enhance the narrative without disrupting gameplay
• Compelling new cutscenes and dramatic twists
• New mechanics designed around the deeper narrative
• Hydro Kinetic powers brought into the main story
• Dramatic new ending completes the story arc

Wading and Swimming

Character Interaction with water
• Reworked Kate’s bracing animation and responsiveness
• Eliminated undesirable situations where the character was swept out of player control
• Increased speed of recovery after being wiped out by water
• Removed invasive reactionary animations after being wiped out by water

Art Direction

Major Environmental Overhaul
• Improved environmental lighting
• Re-designed locations add variety and drama
• Spectacular new environments introduced
• Reworked environmental assets


Music and SFX
• New and improved music tracks
• Re-mastered audio and improved sound design
• New SFX added to various feedback systems


Puzzle Improvements and Additions
• Improved lock-on effect for electric cable puzzles
• Added mini-puzzles to existing areas
• Exclusive new environments introduce new physics based puzzles
• Ability to manipulate floating objects to solve bouyancy based puzzles
• New narrative based challenges

Combat and Cover Systems

Enhanced Combat System
• Individual bone based enemy lock on feature (depending on difficult setting)
• Improved aim assist functionality
• Dynamic aim reticule adapts to different ammo types and combat behaviour
• Destructable object system reworked for greater feedback and effectiveness
• Ammo distribution refinements
• Greater variety of ammo earlier in the game
• AI enhancements and performance improvements
• Instant ammo collection features eliminates unneccessary button presses
• Rebalanced Sonic Rounds for more effective combat
• Reload times reduced for better combat flow

Cover System Enhancements
• Blind fire functionality added
• Turn corners while in cover and engage in flanking maneuvours
• Cover animation improvements
• More responsive and smooth cover transitions

All new Floating Cover system
• Grab bouyant object to use as dynamic cover in water
• Use floating cover on the surface or during underwater combat

New Climbing Combat system
• Ability to shoot and engage in combat while climbing or hanging

Levels and Game Balance

Level Design Improvements
• Enhanced and redesigned levels
• Exclusive new levels to explore throughout the game
• All new mechanics, puzzles and combat added
• Dramatic new end sequence using Hydro Kinetic abilities
• Decrypting doors sequence shortened
• Tutorial added for hack mini game
• Improved feedback, waypoint design and tutorials
• Better checkpoint design
• Improved difficulty setting design
• Rationalised waypoint system choice allows players to set their preference for how much hand holding they want independently of difficulty setting


Contextual Dev Feedback System
• Bring up Dev Feedback from the pause menu at any time to comment on your experience
• Your feedback is uploaded to Dark Energy augmented with contextual information about the gamestate
• Dark Energy will continue to act upon gathered data from the playing community

GUI and Front End

Menus reworked
• Front end menus re-designed
• In game menus re-designed


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