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Seite 2: Electronic Arts - bietet 2 Milliarden für GTA 4-Entwickler Take Two Interactive

6. Februar 2008:

Mr. Strauss Zelnick
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
622 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Dear Strauss:

Congratulations on your recent announcement about the release date for Grand Theft Auto IV. I am sure it must feel great to have this important title locked and ready.

Further to our recent discussions, this letter is to formally express Electronic Arts Inc’s. (“EA”) interest in acquiring Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (“Take-Two”) and to propose a transaction in which EA would acquire all of the outstanding shares of Take-Two common stock for $25 per share payable in cash. We are confident we can consummate a transaction quickly, confidentially and on the terms proposed.

The proposed combination will create significant value for your stockholders. Our offer price provides a substantial premium of 58% over Take-Two’s most recent closing price and a 51% premium over Take-Two’s 30-day trailing average price. The cash purchase price provides certainty of value to Take-Two’s stockholders in today’s uncertain economic environment.

We believe that moving quickly to negotiate and conclude our proposed merger is in the best interest of Take-Two and EA. Waiting for a later date leaves open significant uncertainty regarding the timing, the probability and the value of a potential transaction and is not in the best interests of either company or Take-Two’s stockholders.

We also believe the proposed merger provides an attractive outcome for Take-Two’s employees and business partners. We have a powerful product slate for 2008 and beyond with exciting releases planned for many of EA’s well-established franchises as well as important new franchises we are launching such as SPORE, Dead Space, Dragon Age and Mirror’s Edge. We feel that Take-Two’s IP portfolio is well aligned against EA’s product footprint and its studios fit well with our decentralized divisional model. Take-Two’s creative teams are an essential part of the Take-Two business, and we believe EA would offer a stable and supportive environment for your studios to focus on developing great new games with the backing of a global games industry leader. We believe EA can and will represent the best home for these teams anywhere in the entertainment world.

We have completed a thorough review of Take-Two’s public information and are prepared to move forward immediately to consummate a transaction with minimum disruption to Take-Two. We believe that with adequate access to the necessary information we can complete all required due diligence in approximately 2 weeks. We believe that our due diligence review would require limited access to a small number of senior executives of Take-Two and its legal, accounting and financial advisors. Importantly, no interaction with any of the studio leaders will be required until our other due diligence is completed and the material terms of a transaction are agreed to.

Considerable time and resources have been put forth in developing this offer, and our Board of Directors has approved its delivery to Take-Two. Our offer is not conditioned on any financing requirement. However, our offer is subject to the satisfactory completion of our due diligence review of Take-Two, the negotiation and execution of mutually acceptable definitive transaction agreements and the satisfaction of customary conditions to be set forth in such agreements.

We do not intend to make this letter public and our offer will automatically terminate and be withdrawn in its entirety if any portion of this letter, or the existence of discussions between EA and Take-Two relating to a possible business combination, are disclosed to any person other than the directors and officers of Take-Two and its legal and financial advisors.

We look forward to hearing back from you by the close of business on Friday, February 15, 2008, with a response to our proposal.

I am available to meet and discuss all aspects of this proposal with you and your Board. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I very much look forward to hearing from you and working with you and the Take-Two team to consummate a successful transaction.


John Riccitiello

Chief Executive Officer

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