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Seite 2: Robert D. Anderson & das Erbe Cthulhus - Erster Patch aktualisiert Demo und Vollversion


Changelog Anderson v1.02

Interface / Content Access:

- Added "Play Intro" Button to Game Book
- Added "Open Bonus Folder" to Game Book (Full Version Only)

Tech / Engine:

- Loading Times reduced by 45% - 85%, depending on System & Chapter *)
(Warning: On very fast systems, loading time can be shorter than Audiobook text)
- Increased Performance on both Single Core & Dual Core Systems **)
(Dual Core still recommended)
- Lags removed after dying / finishing chapter
- Several Engine / Pyhsics Bugs removed ***)


- Shadows are softened more to enhance realistic and grim look
- Opponents are rendered a little bit better, increased visibility
- Static red fire lights replaced by flickering, realistic ones
- Some Textures replaced by better ones


- Balancing: Reduced difficulty level
- Balancing: MP40 Skills of opponents are lowered and slightly increasing throughout the chapters
- Balancing: Reduced damage output of "Wunderwaffe", but slightly increased range
- Balancing: Reduced accuracy and peak damage of Panzerfaust
- Balancing: Acid Ammunition for MP40 has far higher Damage Output against Lovecraft Creatures
- AI: Some "key enemies" have now an AI that is worth to be called so

- Level Design: The answers to some riddles are more obvious
- Level Design: Some hidden level passages are now better approachable
- Level Design: Jump & Run Passages eased
- Level Design: "Player Traps" disarmed

Multiplayer: (Full Version only)

- Bonus Multiplayer Games "Past, Future, Present", "Hall of Death" and "Ticket to Home" have now full Online gaming support, including portal server!
- "Clash of the Undead" is still LAN only

*)Except Chapter 9 and 14, due to implemented scripted and hard-coded elements
**) After dying, the performance boost is lost on few systems if loading or chapter restart is selected immediaetely.
In this case, please leave the chapter and start it inside the book again.
***) One is left: SOmetimes, RObert gets stuck without reason. Please press simply crouch "c" and move on to get him free.

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