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Seite 2: Rush for Berlin - Patch 1.20 und Entwicklertools

-- Rush for Berlin 1.20 patch notes ---
****** This patch brings ALL previous language versions up to 1.20 (multiplayer compatible) ******

I. 1.20 Changes
II. 1.10 Changes
III. Firewall settings
IV. Known issues

I. 1.20 Changes

- Sped up the interface drawing operation, the water rendering and the tooltip system. With these improvements we expect at least 20% speed increase on all PC-s.

- Enhanced stability, removed a few bugs that could freeze the game (these appeared as "memory segmentation errors")

- Enhanced Gamespy stability

- Some medals were not correctly awarded - this should be fixed now

- If players were very tricky they could get negative numbers on the statistics screen - this is now much harder to produce

- A number of tooltips were corrected (typos and countdown errors)

- The decoy truck is working properly now

II. 1.10 Changes

- The multiplayer screen has been modified slightly to be more user friendly: your team color can be chosen from a dropdown list now. Also signalling that you are ready (to start the game) has been streamlined - it can be done in the list and at the bottom of the screen.

- You can select the option to be assigned a random nation.

- Units will now display the effective range of their skills (with light cyan colored dots).

- The damage done by a rocket launcher has been decreased, but the armor piercing value has been increased (thus it's weaker against infantry and slightly stronger against armor).

- The "High Pressure" skill for flamethrowers now works against vehicles as well.

- The Autoupdate function will now work with Gamespy.

Multiplayer/Balancing changes:

- Several production costs have been changed.

- Recon vehicles are slightly weaker (less hitpoints).

- Truck type units can move easier (fewer obstacles can block them).

- The machine gun damage done by tanks has been changed. A heavy tank's machine gun does less damage to infantry while a small/medium tank's machine gun does more damage.

- Mobile artillery units are slightly weaker (less hitpoints).

- Damage was increased for all fire type weapons (flamethrower, molotov cocktail, crocodile tank).

- The following units have been strengthened: M26 (improved armor and hitpoints) and M7 Priest (improved damage).

- Open vehicles have a longer sightrange.

- Less points are now awarded for killing units in RUSH mode.

- In Rush mode, it is the team's score that counts toward winning (not the individual's score).

- Anti-tank vehicles are more maneuverable.

- the AI was enhanced to capture buildings more effectively.

Bug fixes

- Unnecessary delay at the end of the 1st Russian mission has been removed.

- In the 3rd French mission it was possible to complete then fail an optional objective (preventing the launch of the missiles). This has been fixed.

- In the 4th French mission all medic packs will now work correctly.

- In the 6th Western Allied mission it was possible to "fail" a main objective (on the statistics page). Now there is a new secret objective (save 80% of the convoy) and the main objective is correctly handled.

- Several small bugs were fixed in RISK mode (grammatically incorrect or confusing messages, unbalanced tasks etc.).

- A major bug was fixed which caused multiple polygons to appear in the game, thus slowing it down. This was particularly problematic in large multiplayer games as it built up faster there.

- 2 random crashes (memory overwrites) were found and fixed.

- Several typos were corrected in tooltips.

- The mouse cursor now disappears when ingame cutscenes are played.

- Some killed units were calculated twice in statistics.

- Several Gamespy error messages were incorrect (displayed bad information).

- Several skills were corrected (Dead-Eye, Photo Recon, Tank Barrier and more).

- The profile now correctly holds the difficulty information set by the player (it won't constantly revert back to the Medium difficulty level).

- Units could sometimes get stuck when using the Tank Barrier skill.

- Tank barriers now correctly block the movement of vehicles.

- The winning condition was being incorrectly reported in Domination mode. This has now been fixed.

- When killing neutral units in RISK mode, the score was not being calculated correctly. This has now been fixed.

- Gamespy is supposed to verify your online CD key once when you first start playing the game. Instead, it is mistakenly verifying the CD key each time you start the game. This has now been fixed.

Other Issues

- Unit limit in multiplayer has now an improved interface.

- The autosave message is now a fade-out message and therefore won't interfere with other texts on screen in most cases.

- Buffs with negative effects now have a reddish frame shown in the affect icons on the right interface.

- Corrected formatting for objective status texts.

- Optimalized water in the game, improved speed in the game.

- Optimalized interface, improved speed in the game.

III. Firewall settings

If you want to start a host game from behind a firewall, you will need to do the

The incoming UDP-ports 5555 and 6500 must be forwarded to the computer which
hosts the game.

First, you need to know which internal IP-adress your router has got. Also, you
need to know the local IP-adress of the PC that will host the session.

If you want to join a game, you only have to change the router configuration. If
the internal firewall of your router is blocking the ports up to 10000.
More information about this issue you'll find in the manual of your router.

For outgoing conncetions you only have to change configuration if the builtin
firewall of your router is blocking the ports up to 10000. These ports are
opened/forwarded in the most routers settings for outgoing connections by
default. More information about this issue you'll find in the manual of your router.

Security advice: By unlocking ports, your router and the pc's in your network
are vulnerable to attacks from the internet.
Please open the ports below only for the time you play Rush for Berlin online
and close the ports after you finished playing.

IV. Known issues



Although we have dedicated lots of hours of testing for Rush for Berlin, we cannot guarantee that it will run flawlessly on your system. But we are dedicated to correct the errors in RfB, therefore if you encounter a problem, you can contact us at the following e-mail address:

Please try to provide the following information in your report:

1) A detailed description of the bug
2) A savegame
3) An explanation of how to reproduce the bug
4) The version of your exe file (preferably the latest)
5) Your system information.

Please note that we may not be able to correct performance related issues and bugs that cannot be reproduced from the data you provide. Thank you for your understanding!

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