Läuft gerade LS19 bekommt Terraforming-Tool - Trailer zum neuen Landschaftsbau-Feature von Patch
LS19 bekommt Terraforming-Tool - Trailer zum neuen Landschaftsbau-Feature von Patch

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LS19 bekommt Terraforming-Tool - Trailer zum neuen Landschaftsbau-Feature von Patch

Das erste große Update für den Landwirtschafts-Simulator 19 bringt ein Features, dass sich viele Fans schon lange gewünscht haben: Terraforming. Mit dem Landschaftsbau-Feature können Spieler gegen Ingame-Geld die Welt umbauen und dazu aus 16 Bodenvarianten mit verschiedenen Farben und Texturen wählen. Außerdem kann man Wege und mehr Details platzieren. Wie das genau funktioniert zeigt Entwickler GIANTS Software mit diesem Gameplay-Trailer zum Terraforming-Update.

Der kostenlose Patch für PC und Konsolen bringt zudem eine Reihe von Bugfixes, mehr dazu weiter unten in den offiziellen Patch-Notes. Außerdem werden mehr Wirtschafts-Schwierigkeitsgrade eingebaut, die bestimmen, wie schnell die Spieler durch Handel an Geld kommen.


Offizielle Patch-Notes des Terraforming-Updates für den LS19


[ADDED] Landscaping feature

[ADDED] Economic difficulty option

[ADDED] Support for mapping button combos besides the gamepad trigger buttons

[ADDED] In-game voting for mods

[ADDED] Combine rpm increase if the combine unloads

[ADDED] Selling of potato pallets

[ADDED] AI detection of tipped heaps

[ADDED] Support for mapping half-axes even if a device is unknown

[ADDED] Support for mapping non-centering device axes, such as a throttle on a joystick


[IMPROVED] AI on angled edges

[IMPROVED] Mapping with devices not recognized by the game

[IMPROVED] Vehicle sounds

[IMPROVED] Combines can now be folded if just a small amount is loaded

[IMPROVED] Tree pickup of log grabs


[FIXED] Shading issues in some specific light/viewer combinations

[FIXED] Disappearing animals after starting a dedicated server again

[FIXED] Horse price issue when selling multiple horses at the same time

[FIXED] Egg pallets don’t appear correctly

[FIXED] Unlimited food after cleaning in front of a trough

[FIXED] The mower BIG M450 can’t be refueled

[FIXED] The header NH 3162 Draper 45ft doesn’t work well with NH CR10.90

[FIXED] Väderstad Tempo V 8 doesn’t work well in slopes

[FIXED] TT Multicultivator 5-in-1 doesn’t work well in slopes

[FIXED] Clients have access to all vehicles from all farms

[FIXED] Unable to start a dedicated server

[FIXED] The camera is desynced from vehicle

[FIXED] Wear speed if washing is disabled

[FIXED] Issues with combines harvesting multiple fruit types

[FIXED] Engine sound in multiplayer

[FIXED] AI overtaking to other fields with small working widths

[FIXED] AI working width New Holland FDR 600

[FIXED] AI turn direction issues with cultivator and sowing machine attached together

[FIXED] Bale mounting on Fliegl Butterfly and Fliegl DPW

[FIXED] Delayed lowering of pipe for potato harvesters (Ropa Keiler 2, Grimme SE 280)

[FIXED] Crash on Mac OS X when saving screenshot

[FIXED] Black screen when starting game with some keyboard layouts

[FIXED] Trailers don't brake when detaching with automatic motor start off


If your game is updated to 1.2.0, you will only see multiplayer games that are also in 1.2.0. Thus, you won’t be able to connect to dedicated servers still in 1.1.0.

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