3D-Realms über Elite Force

3D Realms Boss George Broussard hat sich dieses Wochenende über die Spiele der Konkurrenz ausgelassen. Besonders hat es ihm Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force angetan. Dazu schrieb er folgenden sarkastischen Dialog:


Tuvok: Ensign, it's been a few hours since I asked you to examine "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force". Have you done so?

Ensign Nobody: Yes Sir, I have.

Tuvok: What is your assessment Ensign?

Ensign Nobody: Well, sir...may I speak freely?

Tuvok: Yes Ensign.

Ensign Nobody: I finished the game in 9 hours in normal mode, with no cheats or skipping of cinematics. I also got 4 soda's, relieved myself 3 times and checked email a few times and mingled with co-workers. I even watched all the way through the German voice credits Sir.

Tuvok: You have done well Ensign. Please get your gear and weapons, practice on the Holodeck, mingle in the lounge and I will call on you soon.

Ensign Nobody: Sir, yes Sir!

Hat er recht, ist Elite Force zu kurz? Dazu können Sie in unserem Forum diskutieren.

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