Alan Wake 2 - Sam Lake deutet Fortsetzung an

Der Lead Writer Sam Lake vom Entwicklerstudio Remedy hat per Twitter die Enthüllung eines Nachfolgers zu Alan Wake angekündigt. Eine verlinkte Kurzgeschichte klingt demnach verdächtig nach dem Autor Alan Wake.

von Maximilian Walter,
04.06.2012 15:21 Uhr gehört Remedy. gehört Remedy.

Remedys Lead Autor Sam Lake ( Alan Wake , Max Payne , Max Payne 2 ) schrieb über den Kurznachrichtendienst Twitter eine mysteriöse Nachricht: »Es ist alles wahr. ‚Es wird wieder passieren, in einer anderen Stadt, einer Stadt Namens Ordinary.‘ Es passiert jetzt,« ist dort zu lesen. Außerdem hat sich der Entwickler die Domain gesichert.

In den Twitter-Beitrag packte er eine URL, die auf den Blog »This House of Dreams« verweist. Der zurzeit (4.06.2012) letzte Eintrag dort ist »Shoebox Dream 2.« Dort heißt es:

I had another dream last night, and when I woke up, a real scare.

In the dream I was visiting the previous owner of my house at the nursing home, only in the dream the owner wasn’t a sweet old lady, he was a man, and he wasn’t old, he was a young man with a dark hair – very good looking in fact. I remember that he was wearing a funny jacket with old-fashioned elbow patches.

I was there to find out about the shoebox, but he was very agitated and didn’t listen to me. The place was brightly lit, it was sunny outside, but he was still very anxious and wanted me to turn all the lights on. He kept going on about the place being too dark. I remember being certain that all the lights were on already, but that didn’t calm him down. In the end he was screaming for me to turn the lights on.

I was also starting to freak out, starting to think that something horrible was coming to take us away, and that’s when I woke up. I was really thirsty, I got up from bed and went to get a glass of water. In the hallway, coming back, I suddenly saw a dark silhouette of a man outside the window.

I must have screamed aloud. My heart stopped for a moment. I dropped the glass (luckily it didn’t break, it’s one of my favorites). I was really frightened. I rushed through the house, turning on all the lights. My first impulse was to dial 911, but after a moment that felt silly.

I told myself that I must have imagined the whole thing, seen my own reflection in the window. Of course, with all the lights on inside, I couldn’t see anything outside anymore. I ended up calling a friend of mine, Joss, who lives nearby, waking him up. He was kind enough to come over and check the place. Bless him. Joss’s a real angel. There was no sign of anyone outside.

Today I’m definitely going buy some yard lights, I’ve been meaning to do that for some time already.

Dass der Entwickler mehr Spiele über den Autor Alan Wake entwickeln will, ist schon länger bekannt. Als Ankündigung für einen direkten Nachfolger ist der Twitter-Post jedoch nicht zu verstehen.

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