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Seite 2: Neverwinter Nights 2 - Patch 1.01 (Nicht offiziell!)

Patch Notes v1.01

DM Client - A beta version of the Dungeon Master Client is now available. You can access it from the NWN2 Launcher, or by running nwn2.exe with the -dmc switch. This allows you to start a multiplayer game in which you can have a great deal of control over creating, managing, and commanding creatures, placeables, and more. Over the next three monthly patches we will be continuing to add features, fix bugs, and improve the interface.
New Druid Spells - Druids have been granted 9 new spells, one for each level. In addition, the feat Natural Spell has been added. Druids that take the Natural Spell feat may cast spells while Polymorphed or Wild Shaped.
Level 1 - Foundation of Stone: This spell grants a target immunity to knockdown, but reduces their movement speed.
Level 2 - Body of the Sun: The caster's body emanates fire, burning nearby creatures.
Level 3 - Jagged Tooth: This spell grants a targeted animal the Keen property on one of its natural weapons.
Level 4 - Moonbolt: This spell creates a bolt of energy that deals strength damage to living creatures and knocks down undead, giving them penalties on attack rolls and saving throws.
Level 5 - Rejuvenation Cocoon: The target of this spell becomes encased in a regenerative cocoon, where they are cured from poison and disease and regenerate health.
Level 6 - Tortoise Shell: The caster gains a natural armor bonus of +6, plus an additional 1 per every three caster levels to a maximum of +9.
Level 7 - Swamp Lung: This spell causes victims to fall prone for 1-6 rounds, during which time they can catch disease.
Level 8 - Storm Avatar: This spell infuses the caster with the energy of a storm, making them immune to missiles, hasting them, and adding damage to their attacks
Level 9 - Nature's Avatar: This spell grants a targeted animal a series of very powerful buffs.

Water Reflection/Refraction - Water is now more visually exciting! Users have the option to toggle Water Reflection and Refraction on in the Options Menu under the Advanced Graphics tab. Note: These settings can cause slowdowns on older hardware.
Client Packs - Module makers can now create Client Packs in the toolset, which can be placed in clients My Documentspwc folder to allow users to connect to Multiplayer Games for which they do not have the module. These .pwc files contain only the data absolutely necessary to run the module on the client side are useful if, for instance, you are running a persistent world and do not wish to allow clients to open your module with all of its areas, creatures, and scripts visible.

Bug Fixes

Input in Single Player games should now be much more responsive. Previously, input commands could lag for up to several frames before taking effect in-game. This is no longer the case.
Broadcast Commands are now more reliable and last longer before companions will revert to their default behavior.
The "Loot All" button would sometimes loot all of the items from a container but would not close the window or remove the icons. This will no longer occur.
The player can no longer become stuck in a cinematic style cutscene by switching characters immediately as the cutscene begins.

The game will no longer crash if you switch back to your character after ordering one of your companions to barter with another player.
The Chat box, both in-game and in the Gamespy Lobby, will no longer overrun when players type long messages.

Fixed several instances where the type of damage was not specified in a spell's description.
The descriptions for Bless, Divine Shield and Shield Other have been updated.
Isaac's Greater Missile Storm and Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm will no longer target allies on difficulty modes lower than D&D Hardcore. Additionally, they will select their targets more fairly now.
Magic Fang now grants the proper bonus to animal companions.

Long quest names will no longer be cut off in the Journal.
Longer target names now fit underneath the targeting window.
The Scimitar +2 will no longer have a Rapier icon.
Items could occasionally become lost when moving them in the inventory with the game paused. This will no longer occur.

Users can now add .mod files as well as modules in directories to campaigns.
The toolset could previously enter a state where it would crash when saving a module to a directory. This can no longer happen.
The default NWN2 load screen is now available in the toolset.

Original Campaign Fixes - Warning: Spoilers below.

Fixed several minor spelling and grammar issues.
Fixed several instances where dialogue text did not match the Voice Over for a line.
Fixed some instances of traps not working throughout the game.

Act 1:
Fixed an instance where players could reach Skymirror without Elanee.
Slaan now drops items when killed.
Fixed Zeearie's mouth not animating after the player defeated her.
Fixed an inconsistency in Jochris' cutscene.
Fixed an issue which could cause two Waterdeep Emissaries to spawn.
Wolf will now look the same in his cutscene in the Merchant Quarter as he does in the rest of the game.
Fixed an infinite XP exploit when returning to West Harbor and speaking with Retta Starling.
Thugs no longer appear in the same spot when re-entering the Neverwinter Docks district.

Act 2:
Reduced an influence check for Grobnar during the Trial.
Fixed the cutscene with Koraboros triggering early at Shandra's Farm.
Fixed the Sun Soul Art quest not being added to the journal.
The player now receives the proper number of quest items after defeating the Shadow Reaver in Act 2.
Turning in Arval's journal will no longer give an invalid reward.
Fixed an instance where Nevalle referred to Female PCs as Male.
Fixed an infinite quest reward loop in Zaxis' dialogue
Players will no longer get stuck on the dialogue between Zhjaeve and Aldanon in Multiplayer.
Soothing Light now performs the proper effect.
Healing Lord Tavorick after he goes down but before he speaks to you will no longer break progression.

Act 3:
The game could sometimes become stuck when leaving Fire Giant camp through the Area Transition - this will no longer occur.
The quartermaster's armory will no longer appear as red tunics.
Siege Towers have been given the proper sound set.
Retta's dialogue will no longer drop if you speak to her before Danan.
Prior Hlam is now available in Neverwinter City during Act 3.
Players can no longer bypass the black portals in the Gauntlet.

Patch (Plus)
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