Seite 3: Schlacht um Mittelerde 2 - Patch 1.05 (Deutsch)

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General - Structure

• Structures more resistant to cavalry (45% from 75%), specialist (30% from 75%), cavalry-ranged (2% from 75%), flame (33% from 100%), fly-into (40% from 75%) and hero-ranged (5% from 10%) damages

•All fortresses now more resistant to melee (20% from 25%), cavalry (20% from 25%), more vulnerable to flame (25% from 5%) and siege (200% from 150%); armor upgrade costs reduced (1600 from 2000), bonus reduced to +35% (from +50%)

•All fortress artillery units more resistant to siege (85% from 100%), flame (30% from 100%) and magic (50% from 100%)

•All Fortress expansions now more resistant to slash (75% from 200%), pierce (15% from 25%), flame (60% from 100%), hero (35% from 50%) and structural (5% from 25%) damages

•Walls, wall upgrades and wall Hubs can now only be attacked by siege and structural damage dealing units

•Statues no longer discounts infantry

•Lumber Mills cost 370 (from 450) and need less experience for levels two (1000 from 2000) and three (3000 from 5000); now spawns 5 laborers (from 4); orc laborers damage 10 (from 5), population cost 1 (from 5)

• Unit production and tech structures now have a modified structure armor, more resistant to slash (35% from 50%),
uruk (30% from 200%). More vulnerable to cavalry damage (100% from 35%)

•All structures now take 2 mins (from 5 min) to start self-repairing

•Unit production structures upgrade costs reduced. 150 for level 2, 250 for level 3 when not unlocking new units
or upgrades. 350 for level 3 when a unit or upgrade was unlocked on level 2. Research time normalized to 30s in these cases.

• All sentry towers buildtime faster, 37 from 60s for the dwarven tower, 45 from 60 seconds for the remaining factions; health - Dwarven 2500 (vs 3500), Men 2200 (vs 3000), Elves 1050 (from 1500), Goblins 2200 (vs 3000), Isengard and Mordor 1700 (vs 2500)

•Well, galadriel mirror and hearth respawn horde's lost units slower (10s from 5s)

•All stables buildtime increased (45s from 30s), Spider Pit buildtime increased to 35s (from 30s)

• Outposts health 1500 (from 1000), now have fortress armor (from structure armor); Neutral Ruined tower health reduced (2200 from 3000)

• Resource buildings health modified - Mordor Slaughterhouse 1600 (from 2000), Goblin Tunnel 1000 (from 2000), Mallorn Tree 940 (from 2000), Dwarven mine 2700 (from 2000), farm unchanged (2000)

•Banners cost 600 to research, 750 for Elves and 400 for Men (from 1000); Equip cost 150 for Goblins and Mordor (vs 250)

•Inn recruitable units changed: Elven Warrior (Men), Peasants (Elves), Hobbits (Dwarves), Haradrim Lancers (Mordor), Corsairs of Umbar (Isengard) and Wildmen of Dunland (Goblins)

General - Heroes

•All heroes costs and commandpoint costs (CP) normalized to their game stage availability: Early- game heroes 1100 credits, 40 CP; Mid-game heroes 2000, 60 CP; Late-game heroes 3000, 80 CP; Very-late-game heroes 5000, 100 CP.

•Early game heroes shockwave resistance reduced to 20 (from 74)

• Hero revival times now follow this formula: Primarily melee heroes (Boromir, Gloin, Dain, Gimli, Aragorn, Elrond, Haldir, Lurtz, Wormtongue, Goblin King) take 1m to revive on 1st level stage (levels 1 through 4), 2m on 2nd level stage (5 through 7) and 3m on 3rd level stage (8 through 10); other heroes now take 1x, 2x and 3x their initial build time to ressurect on 1st, 2nd and 3rd level stage respectively; Revival costs normalized to 50%, 65% and 80% of initial buildcost for all heroes, on 1st, 2nd and 3rd level stages respectively.

•Leadership (LD) system diversified. The basic ones stack, capped at +50% for each attribute, and are the armor LD (+50% Armor, hollow circle glow), and damage (+50% damage, solid circle glow). The High Level LDs add up +25% on different attributes and always stack, units affected have the hollow circle glow (+25% Armor), solid circle glow (+25% Damage) or a special glowing sparks effect (+25% Damage, +25% Armor) on them.

•Basic Damage LD providers: Theoden, Boromir, Rallying Call, Haldir, Warchant and Lurtz

•Basic Armor LD providers: Eomer, Faramir, Gimli, Dwarven Statue, Elven Woods, Tainted Land, Drummer Troll, Skull Totem

•High Level LD providers: Aragorn, King Dain, Elrond, Darkness, Saruman, Sharku (+25% Damage, +25% Armor, +50% Experience); Men Statues, Goblin King (+25% Armor, +25% experience); BattleWagon Banner, Elven Statues, Eye of Sauron (+25% Damage, +25% experience)

Creeps and Powers

•Creep Lairs Treasure chests award more credits (180 average from 75 average)

•Barrow Wight now takes 10% from all damage types except for magic (150%) structural and hero (50%) damage; cost 300 (from 200), 4x charge speed; Wights summoned by morgul blade now have a duration timer of 2m

•Barrow Wight and Fire Drake lairs when fully destroyed now drop one treasure chests and one instant level up chest

•Wild Spiderling experience award 2 (from 5), health 500 (from 150), cost 200 (from 50), buildtime 30s, vision 160 (from 180), lair now drops 4 treasure chests (from 2)

•Wild Warg cost 200 (from 100), buildtime 35s (from 15s), health 800 (from 400), damage 120 (from 60), more resistant to cavalry (30% from 100%); -50% damage penalty to structures (from -10%); can trample units (10 damage); destroyed lair drops 3 chests (from 2)

•Wild Goblin warrior damage doubled, take less damage from pikes (15% from 100%); Wild Goblin Archer cost 150 (from 25), buildtime 45s

•Wild Cave Troll speed 70 (from 55), health 3000 (from 2000), cost 300 (from 500)

•Wild Fire Drake is now level 5, inferno available on level 7, self-heals once level 8, guarding range 420 (from 350)

•Wyrm health increased (15,000 from 10,000), delay to start switching position reduced (2s from 4s), higher damage and area of effect (110 from 45), power recharges faster (7m from 9m)

•Watcher in the Water recharge time increased (10m from 9m); All summoned towers recharge 4m (from 3m)

• Heal power restores up to 50% of health (from 100%), radius 200 (from 100); no longer works on ring heroes, machines or monsters

•Structure Rebuild Power reload now faster (4m from 6m), affects a smaller area (100 from 300)

•Elven Woods and Tainted Land radius 250 (from 175), recharge 4m30s (from 6m); Untamed Allegiance recharge 4m30s (from 6m)

• Darkness, Freezing Rain (6m from 9m) and cloud Break (7m30s from 8m20s) recharge faster; Rain power now also debuffs the enemy, duration 2m30s (from 3m)

• Devastation power income cap increased (2000 from 1500), now also stuns enemy units for 5.5s in its effect radius

•Wyrm now more resistant to magic (30% from 100%), more vulnerable to structural (100% from 25%)

• Summoned Dragon now more resistant to Specialist (15% from 100%) and Magic (75% from 100%)

• Watcher in the water more resistant to pierce (10% from 100%) and Magic (20% from 100%)

•Summons no longer give any experience when killed

• Dwarven and Men of the West Summoned Towers now have fortress armor

•Arrow volley damage type now cavalry-ranged (from pierce)

•Tom Bombadil recharge time increased (8m from 6m)

•Hobbit Allies hordes now have 8 members (from 5); recharge 5m (from 6m), duration 1m30s (from 2m)

•Corsair Black Ship and Elven Warship cost 400 (from 750), max speed 100 (from 120), turning speed halved,
weapon reload time 166ms (from 100ms), damage penalty against shipwrights reduced (-90% from -99%); Black Ship health 1200 (from 1000)

• Corsair and Elven bombardment ships cost reduced (1500 from 3000), range increased (1400 from 1000),
delay between shots increased (9s from 5s), weapon misses randomly (25% of the shots are precise),
splash damage halved, damage penalty against shipwrights reduced (-75% from -99%)

•Doom ship explosion splash damage reduced by 60%, central explosion radius reduced (120 from 200), splash damage to wrights removed, cost (1000 from 500) and buildtime (45s from 15s) increased

•Storm ship cost (1000 from 500), buildtime (45s from 15s) and health (1200 from 1000) increased, whirlpool damage duration shortened (6.5s from 10s), splash damage halved, central radius (60 from 100) reduced

•Transport ships armor resistance increased (30% from 50% damage taken)

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