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Seite 6: Schlacht um Mittelerde 2 - Patch 1.05 (Englisch)


•Goblin warrior health 50 (from 75), population cost 40 (from 60), slash damage decreased (12/40 from 20/40),
poison damage 6 (from 4), non-poison sword damage vs structures reduced by 45%; unupgraded sword poison duration halved (15s from 30s), take longer to capture buildings (20s from 15s); more vulnerable to slash and
cavalry- ranged (150/50% from 100/50%)

•Goblin archer cost 350 (from 200), speed 45 (from 65), deals poison crush revenge with 6 damage per second for 7.5s (from 5 pierce); poison arrows damage 4 (from 2), duration 7.5s (from 15s), range increased (400 from 175); More resistant to crush (60/45% from 200/150%)

•Spiderling damage penalty to structures removed, base damage reduced (50 from 75); more vulnerable to arrows (110% taken from 100%) and cavalry (120% from 100%) damages; more resistant to Uruk damage type (25% from 50%)

• Marauder population cost 64 (from 48); more resistant to cavalry-ranged (50% /30% from 100% 50%), Hero (120/80% from 200/100%) and Hero-ranged (150/75% from 200/100%); more vulnerable to pierce (180/100% from 125/65%), specialist (175/130% from 100/50%), slash (250/115% from 200/100%), flame and magic damages (75% from 50%); Heavy Armor base effectiveness reduced by 30%; attack delay between shots 1.4 s (from 0.9s)

•Fire Drake starts on level 5, speed 80 (from 120), more resistant to pierce (30% from 100%), poison (30% from 50%), magic (20% from 100%), cavalry (20% from 50%), specialist (30% from 100%) and structural damage (15% from 50%); Inferno start range 80 (from 90), damage arc 60 (from 90), population cost 50 (from 25); Fortress Fire Drake is now level 10

• Spider Rider health increased (700 from 600), speed 83 (from 90), minimum speed 60% (from 40%), trample damage 80 (from 160), sword damage 120/200 (from 150/300), requires Venom Sacs upgrade to get poison damage; bow damage 40 (from 50), fire damage 30 (from 25); more resistant to flame (60% from 100%), magic (30% from 100%), cavalry (80% from 100%) and specialist (150% from 200%)

•Cave Troll rock damage increased (250 from 200); double damage and wider splash (120 from 100 radius) against walls

•Mountain Giant cost 1300 (from 1000); more resistant to slash (65% from 100%), pierce (17% taken from 50%) and flame (150% from 300%), more vulnerable to cavalry (40% from 25%) and magic (150% from 100%) attacks, population cost 75 (from 50); anti-wall attack splash radius 70 (from 100)

•Spiderling allies power position switched by wildmen summon

• Spider pit level 3 upgrade cost reduced (500 from 1000)

• Fissure cost 400 (from 700), level 2 upgrade cost 300 (from 500), level 3 cost 1500 (from 1000); Cave Troll on level 1, Marauder on level 2

•Dragon Nest Fortress upgrade cost 1000 (from 2500); Spider Hole Fortress Expansion cost 400 (from 500), buildtime 15s (from 5s), spiderlings respawn 15s (from 3s); Arrow Den Fortress Expansion cost reduced (370 from 500),slower buildtime (15s from 5s); Burrows Expansion cost 450 (from 700)

• Goblin King cost 1100 (from 3000), health 2200 (from 3000), buildtime 40s (from 30s), pre-attack delay 200ms (from 1s),damage 190 (from 300); summoned fire drakes start on level 7

•Shelob health 4000 (from 4500), buildtime 50s (from 45s), armor type now Tough- hero (from custom armor),
trample damage 250 (from 200), pre- attack delay 300ms (from 900ms); minimum crush velocity 75% (from 30%), +7% speed when charging; can now climb hills

• Drogoth buildtime 115s (from 60s), speed reduced by 10%, healing start delay 40s (from 15s); more resistant to magic (40% from 200%), pierce (40% from 100%) and poison (40% from 80%); more vulnerable to flame (60% from 1%) and structural (75% from 50%); plow damage does -75% to structures; Fireflight radius 60 (from 100), range 150 (from 300)

Map changes

• Buckland - Outpost in the middle, replacing the signal fire. Signal fires on the left/right flanks, behind the creeps.

• Fords of Isen II - Inns added on flanks, mountains added on northeast corner to improve simmetry

•Ettenmoors - Gollum spawn points properly distributed across the map

•Mirkwood - Added missing spider creep next to outpost on the right side

• Osgiliath - added missing ruined tower on central bridge

•Rohan - left side spider pits properly spaced to assure equal accessibility to flank outposts

• Fangorn Forest - removed tress on bottom that harmed visibility

Interface changes

•Ivory Tower activate button switched with the Boiling Oil button in the Men of the West’s Palantir

•Hero spell buttons shortcuts normalized to “R”, “T” , “C”, “V”, “B”, respective to their palantir order

•Dwarven and Goblin Tunnels now have an evacuate-all button (“V” shortcut)

•All Forged Blades equip shortcuts changed to "B" (from "L"), Banner Carrier shortcut changed to "C" (from "N")

•Guardian Bullrush changed to "E" (from "C"), Mumakil charge attack shortcut changed to "E" (from "C"), Mirkwood Archer and hobbit heroes Elven Cloak shortcut changed to "E" (from "C")


•Fixed TheodenSwordMounted Pre Attack Delay Typo

• Fixed SauronFiresOfDoom, WildFortressBatCloud and IsengardFortressMurderOfC rows Weapons Pre- Attack Type Typos

• Lorien Archer Unit type now properly set as Archer Class

• Knight Banner, Warg Rider Banner and Spider Rider Banner Unit types now properly set as Cavalry

•Axe Thrower and Axe Thrower in Battle Wagon now properly set as Archers

• Rohirrim Banner now properly set to the Men of the West faction

• Dwarven Tower Expansion now properly set to the Dwarven Faction

• All gates and postern gates now properly have an armor, fortressexpansion type

• Fixed Morgul Blade attack making battlewagons invisible/untargettable

•Mordor flame munitions upgrade now properly affects summoned barricades

• Trebuchet range decrease when upgraded fixed

• Eowyn's smite anti- flier 4x damage bonus now properly includes Drogoth

• Shelob mandibles damage delay fixed

•Mordor Warrior sword now properly has flanking bonus

•Royal Guard Summon selection decal fixed

• Witchking healing faster on fellbeast fixed

•Ballistas can no longer trample Rivendell Lancers

•Wild Spiderlings now properly have a portrait

•When chatting with friends in the lobby, you now have to have one or more friends selected to chat with them

Patch (Plus)
Größe: 25,3 MByte
Sprache: Englisch

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