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Starcraft 2 - Exclusive interview with lead designer Dustin Browder

In our interview, the Starcraft 2 lead designer Dustin Browder talks about LAN and offline modes, new features and unexpected rushes.

von Michael Graf,
25.03.2010 16:48 Uhr

Dustin Browder Dustin Browder

In Starcraft 2 closed beta we have already fought countless battles between Terrans, Protoss and Zerg. Though Starcraft 2 essentially plays like its predecessor (including the add-on Brood War) with a couple of new units and abilities, there are some important differences. In our exclusive interview the lead designer Dustin Browder explains the ideas behind the changes. In addition, he finally gets down to business about the LAN mode and whether players will have to be online all the time.

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Will there be a LAN mode?

Dustin Browder:

Why not?

Dustin Browder:
We are trying to encourage players to participate in a single online community. For that purpose we have implemented a lot of stuff like achievements and friend lists. We think that will be a much more positive experience for players. We really want to push our players into a single online community.

Will there be an offline mode for the singleplayer campaign?

Dustin Browder:

So you can log into Battlenet and log out again to play offline?

Dustin Browder:
I believe that's how it works, but I don't know the exact user interface. The offline mode is designed for when you've lost your internet connection or when something has gone wrong with your machine. In offline mode, you won't get any achievements. There will also be online save games that you won't have access to. We really want to encourage people to play connected. But if that is impossible, they can play offline.

Protoss are beaming reinforcements into a pylon's energy field. Protoss are beaming reinforcements into a pylon's energy field.

Has anything unexpected happened in beta until now?

Dustin Browder:
Yes, there have been some surprises. We've had some complaints about how our revealing system works in 2v2 games if you lose your Command Center, your Nexus or your Hatchery. We've also heard concerns about Starcraft 2 being a little too hard countered with a lot of systems not being muddy enough. There was a lot of muddy gameplay in the original Starcraft but there was a lot of hard counters as well. So we think it is primarily a ratio issue which we are going to adjust. So there will definitely be a lot of changes. Our biggest surprises so far have been the rushes we didn't expect. There were really mean rushes that were unstoppable at some or even at all skill levels, for example in Terran versus Protoss games. Surprisingly, the Zerg rushes were not the worst thing we had to deal with.

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