Storm over the Pacific - Patch 1.03 verbessert u.a. die KI

Das Team von Wasteland Interactive beseitigt mit dem Patch 1.03 einige Fehler in dem Strategiespiel Storm over the Pacific.

von Andre Linken,
17.08.2010 13:03 Uhr

Das Team von Wasteland Interactive hat den Patch 1.03 für das Strategiespiel Storm over the Pacificveröffentlicht. Das Update beseitigt diverse Fehler, verbessert die KI und führt einige neue Funktionen ein. Die kompletten Patch-Notes finden Sie unterhalb dieser Meldung in der Übersicht.

Patch-Notes für Storm over the Pacific v1.03

  • Air Strike description corrected
  • Corrected starting date for Saipan scenario
  • Corrected wrong price of units over first level
  • Improved screen behavior after zooming or panning the map
  • Zooming in and out does not causing map to jump/shake
  • Corrected CTD when loading a scenario with country without a flag
  • Corrected supply source display when unit was taking supply from Mulberry if it
    was cit off from city after Mulberry has been created
  • Corrected beachhead display
  • Partisans will appear only if they are land connected
  • Strategic bombers redeployment fixed
  • Corrected wrong triggers for Yantan Airfield event in Okinawa scenario
  • Corrected nuclear weapon range
  • Corrected nuclear weapon production
  • Partisans in China now more dependable on Japan garrisoning
  • Australian AI should coordinate strategic planning better in case of Japan
    invasion in Pacific Campaign
  • AI will spend PP for technologies more rational
  • AI focus more on repairing Naval units
  • Possibility to land on Maloelap added in Pacific Campaign
    Ishikawa (23|38), Ginowan (20|47) Ginoza (35|35) and Onna (28|33) added to Okinawa-scenario
  • Normanton (146|143) and Daly Waters (129|141) added in Pacific Campaign
  • Hiroshia port size increased to 8 in Pacific Campaign
  • Vichy units in Indochina seceded to French Indochina
  • Changed convoys data in Pacific Campaign
  • Communists China will become more important player in fight for dominance in Chinain Pacific Campaign
  • Communists China can be recreated after it's fall in Pacific Campaign
  • Shore bombardment now depends on the range only
  • Landing Crfts and Troop Transporters now can not move after embarking, must waitfor next turn
  • First Marine Division event add
  • F5 key now turns on/off units names
  • Fleets can be sorted now
  • Commanders can be sorted
  • Few changes in hotkey assignemnt
  • New event method added
  • Country.ChangeOwnershipOfAllAirUnits (countryID, CountryID)
  • Avalibility to bind numeric keys to different locations on the map
  • Added new report of naval groups lost
  • Possibility to add alternative land unit's imgaes for scenarios
  • Possibility to add images for customized land units (by
  • naming the file with thename of unit)
  • Possibility to sort columns in Units managers
  • Added possibility to edit .ini files for scenarios

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