Sword of the Stars 2 - Patch Nr. 26 ist online

Laut Publisher Paradox war die Veröffentlichung von Sword of the Stars 2 ein »Riesen-Fehler«. Der jetzt veröffentlichte, 26ste Patch unterstreicht diese Aussage.

von Christian Fritz Schneider,
06.02.2012 13:57 Uhr

Nach nur vier Monaten hat Sword of the Stars 2 bereits 26 Patches angesammelt. Nach nur vier Monaten hat Sword of the Stars 2 bereits 26 Patches angesammelt.

Das Weltraum-Strategiespiel Sword of the Stars 2: Lords of Winterist erst seit Oktober 2011 verfügbar und hat nun schon auf 26 Updates geschafft. Der jüngste Patch wurde am 4. Februar über die Online-Plattform Steam veröffentlicht und kommt erneut mit einer langen Liste von Änderungen und Verbesserungen daher, darunter viele kritische Fehlerbehebungen. Wer sich alle Änderungen seit dem Release durchlesen möchte, findet die komplette Übersicht auf der Patch-Seite zu Sword of the Stars 2 auf Steam. Im Folgenden lesen Sie das Changelog zur aktuellen Version r19278b.

Patch-Notes für Sword of the Stars 2 r19278b

Critical Fixes

+ Fixed a combat memory leak.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking the research cube on
the star map.
+ Fixed a crash that would occur in the research screen when the
slider was set all the way to government.
+ Torpedoes now apply damage to planets.
+ Fixed a bug that caused battleriders to crash the design tooltip.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when requesting enclaves.

Other Fixes

+ Fixed missing Bio-missile art for Morrigi.
+ Fixed a couple Human, Hiver and Morrigi DLC art issues.
+ Fixed the problem with some carriers not being able to rotate while
riders were docked.
+ Fixed an issue with riders taking too long to dock.
+ Fixed a couple issues that were leading to phantom fleets, related
to deployed gates and defense fleets.
+ Carriers can now carry other carriers.
+ Fixed an issue where loaded games could mix up player ID's.
+ Fixed known issues with Kingfisher.
+ Fixed issues where ships were not targeting stations correctly in combat.
+ Fixed an issue where destroying the mission section on the ship
would kill all crew onboard.
+ Fixed an issue with Game Setup options resetting when switching maps.
+ Fixed issues with combat AI splitting targets.
+ Fixed issues where bio-missiles were not launching.
+ Added missing bonus for Expert Systems.
+ Added missing bonus for Orbital Drydocks.
+ Added missing bonus for Heavy Platforms.
+ Corrected bonus for Materials Applications.
+ Fixed a bug that was causing designs to return incorrect attributes
once they had been committed.
+ Fixed a bug that was reporting the build times for ships with naval
stations incorrectly.
+ Removed duplicate "destination" text from fleet lists.
+ Made a change to address the concern that missiles would continue to
move after combat had ended.
+ Battle riders are now silent while docked.
+ Fixed known issues where tracking weapons would fail to hit ship
targets after their sections were destroyed.
+ Turrets no longer fire missiles after the crew are killed.
+ Fixed an issue where assault shuttles would not return to tender.
+ Fixed combat AI not launching battle riders.
+ Fixed the decimal place in reported post-combat damage.
+ Fixed issue where ships would not point off the horizontal combat
plane to aim.
+ Fixed an issue where the AI was making poor/mixed weapon decisions
when designing ships.
+ Fixed an issue where a colonization was available for targets with
known enemy colonies.
+ Fixed a handful of sounds that did not have attenuation set and were
therefore audible from everywhere in combat.
+ Fixed known issues where the Hiver gate traffic was not being
updated correctly.
+ Fixed known issues where Liir were no longer being slowed in
proximity to gravity wells.
+ Addressed handful of engine types that could be heard constantly
regardless of distance from camera.
+ Addressed variety of standard turrets that weren't able to target straight up.

Other Changes and Additions

+ Psionics can now be researched, designed into ships and activated in the game.
+ It is now possible to repair riders in the repair dialog.
+ Added antialiasing to many parts of the game. 3D scenes now use FXAA
antialiasing by default, which can be disabled in the launcher if desired.
+ Reduced fleet icon click radius on the star map.
+ Biomissile and other super-class weapons are now reported in the
post-combat dialog.
+ Added plague effects.
+ Increased pitch range of turrets across the board to make them more
effective at PD off the combat plane.
+ Sensor range discs now have clearly defined boundaries in combat.

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