Sword of the Stars 2 - Patch r20461b veröffentlicht

Der Entwickler Kerberos Productions hat den Patch r20461b für das Strategiespiel Sword of the Stars 2: Lords of Winter veröffentlicht. Das Update beseitigt unter anderem einige Crash-Bugs.

von Andre Linken,
05.04.2012 18:03 Uhr

Der Patch r20461b für Sword of the Stars 2 steht bereit. Der Patch r20461b für Sword of the Stars 2 steht bereit.

Noch immer haben einige Leute mit Abstürzen und anderen Fehlern im Strategiespiel Sword of the Stars 2: Lords of Winter zu kämpfen. Um diese Probleme einzudämmen hat der Entwickler Kerberos Productions jetzt den Patch r20461b veröffentlicht, der ab sofort via Steam zum Download bereitsteht. Dieses Update beseitigt nicht nur diverse Crash-Bugs sondern fügt unter anderem auch ein überarbeitetes Interface im Kampfbildschirm ein und verbessert das KI-Verhalten. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie wie gewohnt unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes für Sword of the Stars 2 Version r20461b

  • Fixed a game loading crash related to asteroid monitors.
  • Fixed all known crashes related to deep space interception.
  • Fixed a potential infinite loop in Hiver movement that could occur during turn processing.
  • Fixed known multiplayer de-sync issues that were leading to crashes.
  • Fixed a crash when returning from a demand or request with an indy.
  • Made optimizations to turn processing times.
  • Suul'ka can now be summoned again.
  • Mining and defense stations no longer double-charge players for construction.
  • Resolved conflicting broadside versus pursuit orders in combat.
  • Rapid prototyping now applies proper bonus.
  • Made changes to resolve minefield overlap and frame-rate issues.
  • Made changes to resolve PD phaser frame-rate issues.
  • Improperly configured requests and demands are no longer allowed to be committed.
  • Trade income is now correctly reported when no trading is available.
  • Fixed an issue where mining stations were not showing up in station construction options.
  • Fixed mis-labelled Zuul station types in news events.
  • Fixed an issue where colonization missions were not cancelling when critical ships were destroyed.
  • Fixed a known issue related to incorrect movement speed on the starmap.
  • Fixed issues that were preventing AI players from declaring war when they should.
  • Fixed an issue where heavy and planet missiles were not re-targeting in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where stations were reporting incorrect remaining and total structure.
  • Fixed an issue where in-transit fleets could be incorrectly displayed in repair dialogs.
  • Fixed issues where asteroid monitor encounters would cease to occur after destroying a command monitor.
  • Fixed some combat stance issues related to planets.
  • Fixed issues where alien habitation modules could take up standard habitation module slots.
  • Fixed a couple issues where warhead damage was not being adjusted correctly for researched technology.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing government graph from updating.
  • Fixed issues where missiles targeting spectres could damage a colony instead.
  • Addressed network de-sync issues with certain weapons in combat.
  • Addressed some turret arcs that weren't firing or engaging correctly.
  • Node Cannon and Node Maw weapons have been re-introduced for Zuul players.
  • Updated combat screen GUI
  • Added a multiple combat system.
  • Added Morrigi tombs.
  • Introduced the ghost ship random encounter.
  • Turrets and modules now show up in the fleet manager.
  • Quantum disassociation now adds the intended 20% bonus to production.
  • Combat now occurs in multiple phases depending on the number of fleets present.
  • Intelligence-gathering missions can now be executed from the diplomacy screen.
  • Increased AI diplomacy reactions.
  • Increased savings required for morale boost.
  • Biosphere preservation now reduces consumption by 50%.
  • Colonies now get an initial bonus on the turn they are established.
  • Fleets that lose their command ships in combat will now disband and retreat.
  • Increased battle rider mission times.
  • Reduced the density of minefields.
  • Added new drone attack behaviors.

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