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Seite 2: Vampire: Bloodlines - Patch v3.7

Patchnotes v3.7

• Added Blood Heal discipline and slowed automatic heal rate by half.
• Changed Cadaverous Flesh history and occult heal rate accordingly.
• Restored Leopold Society clans and clan equipments for multiplayer.
• Lowered Blood Buff effect by two points and corrected info symbol.
• Lessened criminal levels of both crossbows and raised their damage.
• Modified Eliza to raise brawl and lowered firearms book condition.
• Made indirect disciplines not traceable and decreased maximal ammo.
• Removed humanity gains from Milligan and fixed Wong Ho background.
• Swapped lower dodge book with dodge powerup so reading makes sense.
• Fixed several crosshair issues and wrong icons near the Dane crane.
• Corrected several tutorial popups and mentioned camera adjustment.
• Repaired critical basic patch bugs and restored overlooked changes.
• Fixed clinic guard humanity loss and some other minor text issues.
• Removed masquerade redemption and double xp for sending Patty away.
• Made Potence fit description and finally fixed npctemplate* files.
• Corrected Arthur's $201 reward, Vandal, Ji and Slater lines issues.
• Removed player knowing the names of Ox's patron and asian vampire.
• Prevented picking of two Temple doors and repaired Hollywood music.

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