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Der Patch für das Strategiespiel Blood Bowl verbessert unter anderem das KI-Verhalten.

von Andre Linken,
29.10.2010 13:03 Uhr

Das Team von Cyanide Studios hat den Patch für das Strategiespiel Blood Bowlveröffentlicht. Das Update verbessert unter anderem das KI-Verhalten im Solo-Modus, behebt diverse Fehler und nimmt Änderungen am Balancing der Einheiten sowie deren Fähigkeiten vor. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch für Blood Bowl v1.2.0.1

- Update of the game allowing players of Blood Bowl and Blood Bowl Dark Elves Edition to use the same multiplayer servers
- Update from LRB5 to Competition Rules, for the available inducements, skills and characteristics of players
- Improvement and optimization of AI in solo mode.
- The Goblin Bombardier arrives!
- Fixed an issue preventing league admins to update match results.
- Fixed an issue with a popup in match.
- Scoring in Opponent’s Turn - pushing an opponent with the ball into end zone, correctly awards the team with a touchdown and moves the turn marker (Apparently they like to celebrate!).
- Touchbacks - added a missing Timer during Touchbacks as well as added “Waiting for Opponent” message during Kickoff Returns and Touchbacks.
- Kick Off Event – Quick-snap - added a missing Timer during a Quick-Snap event.
- Kick-Off Event – High Kick - you can now set a player in the End-Zone.
- Crowd Casualties - Injuries done by the crowd is now correctly handled in the post-game sequence.
- Chain-pushed + Pick-up Ball - Players being chain-pushed onto the ball will no longer be able to attempt to pick it up.
- Mercenaries - fixed an issue that prevented you from hiring a positional, (if you had MNG Treeman for an example, you could not hire a mercenary Treeman for the upcoming game.)
- Match Winnings - the Winner will now be able to re-roll his D6 winnings, however the second result even if it is worse than the first will count.
- Ball & Chain - A player with the skill Ball & Chain is now forced to use up all his Movement Allowance before he can end his movement.
- Big Hand - Ignores enemy tackle zones when attempting a pick up.
- Bombardier - The extraordinary skill, Bombardier, has been added to the game.
- Bone-Head - If the player fails the Bone-Head roll, the player will be unable to use tentacles.
- Catch - A bouncing ball is now treated as a catch and can now be re-rolled with the Catch skill.
- Chainsaw - Chainsaw & Dodge, the Looney will now stay down once failing a dodge.
- Chainsaw - Chainsaw & Mighty Blow, will not stack anymore.
- Chainsaw - Chainsaw, adds +3 on armor roll on a failed ‘going for it’.
- Chainsaw - Chainsaw, adds +3 on armor roll on a failed dodge.
- Chainsaw - When chainsaw kicks back (roll 1) during Block Action the opponent cannot use Mighty Blow.
- Chainsaw - When chainsaw kicks back (roll 1) during a Foul Action, assists are not taken into account anymore.
- Chainsaw - When the Looney gets fouled, there will be no longer a +3 modifier to his armor roll.
- Chainsaw - Piling On skill cannot be used with Chainsaw skill.
- Dirty Player - It should now adds the +1 modifier on the Injury Roll correctly if there was no need for it to be used on the Armour Roll.
- Disturbing Presence, it now displays modifiers in the log.
- Diving Catch - Diving Catch, it now works only if the square it empty.
- Diving Catch, 2 players using this skill will cancel each other out.
- Diving Tackle - Diving Tackle, a better explanation has been provided in the pop-up, whether or not to use Diving Tackle should now be easier to understand.
- Dump-Off - inaccurate passes that bounces off the pitch, will now correctly be thrown in.
- Dump-Off - passing arrow should now be locked on the player that is doing the Dump-Off, indicating from where the Dump-Off is thrown.
- Dump-Off - there are now "Interceptor indications" displayed, for players that can intercept during the Dump-Off sequence.
- Foul Appearance - The opponent can now re-roll a failed Foul Appearance roll.
- Frenzy, the ball will now bounce before resolving the 2nd Block.
- Frenzy, Side Step & Fend, if the player is in an adjacent square after the first Block the 2nd Block will be thrown.
- Frenzy & Take Root, 2nd Block is not possible any longer if the Treeman has taken root.
- Grab cancels out Side-Step during regular Blocks and Blocks part of a Blitz Action.
- Grab, the ability to place the opponent in any square on a pushback will only work if it’s a regular Block, not a Block part of a Blitz Action.
- Horns - Now always give +1 ST if it’s a Blitz Action.
- Jump Up & Block, added a pop-up message asking if you want to Jump Up & Block that explain how the skill works.
- Kick - added dice log for direction and distance, and the bounce!
- Kick Off-Return - the player can now be placed in the End Zone.
- Leader - no longer bypasses the Loner skill.
- Loner - Leader no longer bypass the loner skill.
- Mighty Blow - when a character with Mighty Blow blocks a player with a Chainsaw, the Chainsaw's +3 bonus is the only modifier on Armour Roll, if it breaks the Armour Roll, the Mighty Blow skill will be used on the Injury Roll.
- Multiple Block - should no longer be asked when the player fouls.
- Nerves of Steel - Should now work during Trow Team-Mate.
- Pass - Completions, a player passing to himself will no longer earn SPP for completions.
- Prehensile Tail - Prehensile Tail & Shadowing, when a PT player succeeds his shadowing roll the prehensile tail modifier is applied on the opponent dodge rolls.
- Pro - now works with Safe Throw.
- Pro - now works with Foul Appearance.
- Really Stupid - If the player fails the Really Stupid roll, the player will be unable to use tentacles.
- Safe Throw - can now be re-rolled.
- Safe Throw - is now used during a Dump-Off.
- Shadowing - can no longer shadow a Pass Blocker.
- Shadowing - now works as in CRP.
- Side-Step - cancels out Grab if used.
- Stab - does not work with Mighty Blow
- Stab - ignores niggling injuries.
- Strong Arm - works with Throw Team-Mate.
- Stunty - now works as in CRP.
- Tentacles - now works as in CRP.
- Throw Team-Mate - Passing circles are now correctly displayed for Treemen that has taken root and are trying to Throw Team-mate.
- Throw Team-Mate - Interceptor Indications have been removed during a Throw Team-Mate Action, since players cannot intercept a flying player.
- Very Long Legs - should now add the modifiers correctly in the log.
- Kick-Off Table, Riot now works as in the Competition Rules.
- Kick-Off Table, Get the Ref now adds 1 additional bribe to both teams.
- Bribes, bribes will now work on a 2+ roll, on 1 the bribe will be wasted and the call still stands!
- Ball & Chain, disabled "End Turn" when the Ball & Chain player is moving, all his Movement Allowance needs to be used before he finish his movement.
- Diving Catch, adds +1 to the catch roll if the pass was accurate.
- Horns, always +1 ST when Blitzing.
- Safe Throw, only on a natural 1 during a pass the Thrower will lose the ball.
- Shadowing, the player shadowing roll the dice.
- Tentacles, the player that tries to escape rolls the dice.
- Stab, ignores all Modifiers including Niggling Injuries (except Stakes).
- Stunty, treats roll of 7 as K.O, 9 as Badly Hurt.
- Goblin Teams, Bombardier, this tiny git makes an explosive appearance!
- Disconnection Pop-up should now always be on top.
- Saved Games - (that are saved in the middle of the match) now store the inducement information correctly.
- Simulator – Mortality rate and Seriously Injuries have been reduced for the AI Teams when simulating AI matches, to ensure the AI teams stays competitive once they play the player.

Größe: 40,9 MByte
Sprache: mehrsprachig


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